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How well do you know the Thea Sisters?

Added: Saturday, February 28th 2015 at 7:13am by ChloeFang

4 Responses Created by ChloeFang on February 28, 2015


What are the five mice's names in the Thea Sisters?

  • Nikki, Violet, Alice, Ruby, and Flashyfur
  • Violet, Paulina, Colette, Pamela, and Nicky
  • None of above


Do the Thea Sisters go on missions, or do they party all day and night?

  • Go on missions
  • Party all day and night
  • Both of above
  • None of above


Who writes the Thea Sisters book?

  • Thea herself
  • Geronimo Stilton
  • None of above


Who gets grouchy if she has not enough sleep?

  • Nikki
  • Violet
  • Neither


Who are the Seven Roses?

  • A agency that devotes themselves to stop crime in LegendLand
  • A type of police
  • A germ
  • Dunno


What do you think you will get on this quiz?

  • A good score
  • A bad score
  • I don't know

User Comments

BTW, the Thea Sisters are a type of book. 

thats cul

Thank you! {#basic-laugh.gif}{#apploud.gif}



Hey! Yolo yourself! Ha ha ha ha =)

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