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The Mulberry House

Added: Wednesday, February 1st 2012 at 2:12pm by CharlieAdams

Every once in a while during my career as a real Estate Agent I have had the privilege to either list or sell a unique home. The Mulberry House is one of those. It was built in the 1890's and is a true historical home. It is one of Americas Painted Ladies, not many still exist, but in this area of Riverside California there are a few of them restored to their full glory, and this is one of them. Restored inside and out it's a wonderful step back in time. Again, this is posted on another site, and I've been able to see a few of you will click the link so I'm going to do that again. There's just way to many photos to bother with redoing it here, but is well worth the time to read about my story with it and to look at the photos of her, shes beautiful!



just right click the link and open it in a new tab, that way you can come right back to this page when your done. I'd love to hear what you think of the home and pease, if you can, click a few of the ads on the page, it really helps me out when people do that,thanks.

User Comments

Those are great photos of a fine, grand old house...I love that "painted lady" look a lot too...I clicked on an ad too, but it took me off your page.


it did? I can see youclicked one, theres a great stats page there, lol.I'll have to see if you can right click the ads too, i dont like bumping people off the page. Thanks for going over there!!

That house is awesome!

it sure is, i got lucky to even be a little involved in the restoration process, they did a wonderful job.

Very different sort of house to the old houses you would find in the UK.  I can appreciate the amount of work which has gone into the current presentation though.  Nice one.

it sure is, heck your houses last thru wars, ours wont, lol. We found original hardwae too, so even the sliding doors between parlors have the right hangers and such. Thanks for dropping in!


why thank yu, and thanks for dropping in!

Awesome house, Charlie!  Magnificent, actually.

I love those big, old, old houses.   We have a few old houses from that era here in our little rural Florida town.  (Altho none painted up with all the colors like this one...but very similar in style)  A few of them are included in the historic tours they do around Christmas time here.

I love these homes, this isone of the things I love about my job, i get to see the insides too, lol.All the trim that was missing inside the downs stairs was painfully removed from upstairs so all the trim and hardware and such is original to the house and the era. Thereis a place in town that when these old homes are torn down, they take all the hinges and doors, windows hardware, everythng they can to be reused in restorations like this one. yeah the colors are amazing, it was a real treat to get to be a part of this one!!

Very cute Charlie, how much will this place go for do you think? 

they bought that home for $220,000.00. It did go up towrds 500k and has come back down again, I'mnot sure now what it would go for. Probably around 300-350k to the right people. It's not really big, only two bedrooms upstairs, but both are very big. It may have had 3 at one time. What used to happen to these homes was during WW2 many of them were made into apartments, this one included, a 1 bedroom upstairs and a one bedroom downstairs. This is why it was difficult to restore. They did an amazing job even going underneath and working the foundation. The guy who sold it to them got it for 120k, so he made 100k minus the labor and materials such as paint and stuff. He probably actually made about 25k when all was said and done, but not bad for an investment property in about 8-10 months.

wow!!  a place like that here in Perth would go for 750,000 up to a million depending on the suburb where it stood.

age doesn't matter that much here, the area where it's located is historical, so square footage is actually more of a factor. The fact it's all up to date helps it sell fast and the fact it's awesome will get it sold when they choose to sell. From what I hear, things are pretty expensive in Aussie Land, more than they cost here. So it may be closer in price relatively than we are thinking.

I just want to sell my place for what it was valued at before the pooh hit the fan back in 2008.

yep, no kidding, I wish we had, we could have paid cash to buy it back now, lol

Wow Charlie, now this is a rather festive house.  It looks like something you would see out of a movie...

lol, it sure does. My clients found all the right furnishings to make it appear like it was new, it really is awesome


Very cool little house.  I like the views out across the street as well.

yep, i did too, that house has been restored as well and kinda adds to the whole thing, very observant!!! lol

What an extraordinary home! So unique! {#apploud.gif}

thanks, I think so too. The chance to be involved in the resoration was kinda a dream for me, I loved it.

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