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ObamaCare Explained, For The Complete Idiot

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, September 26th 2013 at 2:09pm by CharlieAdams

Because there is SO much misinformation out there about this subject, i found a site where even a moron could understand it. Even a 10 year old could read this and get it. No so sure some of the people here at Blogster will, but hey....it is what it is. Yes i copy and pasted it, shit it a load of information. Read it, and know it, do YOUR own responsible research, I made it easy for you. Heres the link to the main page so you can go there yourselves....






ObamaCare, officially called the Affordable Care Act, it is a health carereform bill signed into law in 2010 By President Barack Obama. Many of the laws provisions are already in effect and the rest continues to roll out until 2022.

ObamaCare in 100 Words

ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act, increases the quality, accessibility and affordability of health insurance. In exchange most people, who can afford to, must obtain health coverage by 2014 or pay a fee. Some important things ObamaCare does are: eliminates pre-existing conditions, stops insurance companies from dropping you when you are sick or make a mistake on your application, protects against gender discrimination, expands free preventative services and health benefits, expands Medicaid to 15 million, mandates larger employers insure employees and creates a marketplace for Americans to buy subsidized insurance providing tens of millions with free or low cost health insurance.

ObamaCare Simplified Explanation in Bullet Points

Here is a simplified ObamaCare explanation of what you need to know every American should know about our new health care law. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does a lot, luckily most of us don’t need to know the details, let's take a look at what we do need to know:

• ObamaCare does’t create health insurance, it regulates the health insurance industry and helps to increase quality, affordability and availability of private insurance.

• Most people who currently have health insurance can keep it.

• Young adults can stay on their parents plan until 26.

• If you don’t have coverage, you can use the new Health Insurance Marketplace to buy a private insurance plan.

• Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace goes from October 1st, 2013 to March 31st, 2014.

• If you don’t obtain coverage or an exemption by January 1st, 2014 you must pay a per-month fee on your federal income tax return for every month you are without health insurance.

• In 2014 the fee is $95 per adult ($47.50 per child) or 1% of income, whichever is higher. The family max is $285.

• The cost of your marketplace health insurance works on a sliding scale. Those who make less, pay less.

• American making less than $45,960 as individual or $94,200 as a family of 4 may be eligible for premium tax credits through the marketplace. Tax credits subsidize insurance premium costs.

• If you are able to get qualified health insurance through your employer you won’t be able to receive marketplace tax credits unless the employer doesn’t cover at least 60% of your premium cost, doesn’t provide quality insurance or provides insurance that exceeds 9.5% of your families income.

• If you are able to get qualified health insurance through your employer you won’t be able to receive marketplace tax credits unless your employer doesn’t cover at least 60% of your premium cost, doesn’t provide quality insurance or provides insurance that exceeds 9.5% of your families income.

• Up to 82% of nearly 16 million uninsured young U.S. adults will qualify for federal subsidies or Medicaid through the marketplace.

• You don’t have to use the marketplace to buy insurance, but you should fill out an application to see if you qualify for assistance before shopping for insurance outside of the marketplace.

• The ACA does away with pre-existing conditions and gender discrimination so these factors will no longer affect the cost of your insurance on or off the marketplace.

• You can’t be denied health coverage based on health status.

• You can’t be dropped from coverage when you are sick.

• Health Insurers can’t place lifetime limits on your coverage. As of 2014 annual limits are eliminated as well.

• All new plans sold on or off the marketplace must include a wide range of new benefits including wellness visits and preventative tests and treatments at no additional out-of-pocket cost.

• All full-time workers who work for companies with over 50 employees must be offered job based health coverage by 2015. Employers who do not offer coverage will pay a per-employee fee.

• Small businesses with under 50 full-time employees can use a part of the marketplace called the SHOP (small business health options program) to purchase group health plans for their employees.

• Small businesses with under 25 full-time employees can use the marketplace to purchase subsidized insurance for their employees.

• Medicare isn’t part of the marketplace. If you have Medicare keep it!

• Medicaid and CHIP are expanded to provide insurance to up to 16 million of our nations poorest.

• When you apply for the marketplace you’ll find out if you qualify for free or low-cost coverage from Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). You’ll also be made aware if you qualify for Medicare.

What Does ObamaCare Do?

ObamaCare helps tens of millions of Americans get access to affordable health insurance through expanding Medicaid and CHIP, improving Medicare and setting up a "Health Insurance Marketplace" where Americans making under 400% of the federal poverty level can purchase subsidized health insurance. ObamaCare's reforms also increase the quality of care and help to curb the growth in healthcare spending among other things.

ObamaCare's provisions regulate insurance companies and health care standards, but they don't regulate your health care or replace private insurance. ObamaCare lowers what most middle-to-low income Americans pay for health insurance and their out-of-pocket health care costs (by means of cost-assistance offered through the marketplace), decreases the deficit and improves government run health care programs like Medicare by cutting out wasteful spending. ObamaCare also expands Medicaid in some States to cover 15.9 million uninsured seniors and low-income individuals.

ObamaCare Explained: Individual Mandate. Most Americans will have to buy insurance by 2014. Those who aren't covered under Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare will have the option to buy private insurance, obtain insurance through the workplace, pay a small tax to not have health insurance (this helps it remain affordable for the rest of us) or buy private insurance through the their State's Health Insurance Exchange. (There are other types of coverage that count as having insurance and will ensure you avoid the fee these include things like TRICARE and COBRA)

ObamaCare Explained: Your State's Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplace. The ObamaCare exchanges are state or federal run (depends on the state) online marketplaces where health insurance companies compete to be your provider. Getting insurance through the the marketplace is as easy as applying for a plan, finding out if you qualify for subsidies and then comparing competing health plans. A State's "Exchange" is commonly referred to as "Health Insurance Marketplace"

ObamaCare FactObamaCare Explained: How to Buy Health Insurance. On October 1st, 2013 your State's "Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace" opens up. All eligible Americans will be able to purchase Federally regulated and subsidized health insurance through private providers using side-by-side benefit, rate and network comparisons of plans. When you sign up for the marketplace you'll also find out if you or a family member qualify for Medicaid, CHIP or Medicare. 82% of uninsured young people are expected to qualify for free or low cost health insurance. Check out our HealthInsurance Marketplace Guide.

ObamaCare Explained: Businesses. Small businesses with the equivalent of 25 full-time employees making less $250,000 a year can get access to tax breaks through theSHOP marketplace to provide insurance to their workforce. Those with the equivalent of 50 full-time employees will have to provide coverage for their full-time workers by 2015. 3% of small businesses will pay an increased Medicare tax on profit over $250,000 as well. The rest of the small businesses, mom and pops specifically, will have better access to cheaper healthcare for them and their employees. If they do decide to provide insurance for their employees they will receive generous tax breaks. Over half of all small business owners and their employees go withoutinsuranceeachyearand small businesses have historically struggled to provide the same quality of benefits as larger firms. ObamaCare's provisions give small business a fair shake.

ObamaCare Explained: Seniors. Seniors greatly benefit from the $716 billion of wasteful spending cut from Medicare and the closing of the donut hole. The money is reinvested in Medicare and ObamaCare to improve coverage and to insure tens of millions of more seniors. Medicare parts A, B, C and D have all had changed and almost all for the better. Find out more about ObamaCare and Medicare.

ObamaCare Explained: Rights and Protections. ObamaCare includes a number of protections for Americans including better access to preventive services, expands coverage to millions saving countless lives, ensures people can't be denied for preexisting conditions, stops insurance companies from dropping you when you are sick, letting young adults stay on their parents plans until 26, regulates insurance premium hikes, approves the appeals process and more.

Why We Need Health Care Reform Explained?

The health insurance and health care industries are for-profit industries. As such they put profit before health, therefore it is left up to laws to regulate their practices. Truly understanding the law requires an understanding of the health insurance and health care industries, lots of research and a little experience. The necessary complexity of the law and the 2.8 trillion dollar U.S. healthcare system defies any type of simple explanation. Suffice to say: We need health care reform to help America focus less on convenience and profit and more on wellness, prevention and health.

ObamaCare Explained Summary

Obama Care saves millions of lives, trillions of dollars and gives the American worker more freedom by not being dependent on their employers or insurance companies for care. Health care is now in your hands, It's your health care, not the governments. The government just makes sure you get a fair shake and the insurance companies play by the rules. Thanks for checking out our quick ObamaCare explained breakdown. Check out the site for a more detailed explanation of ObamaCare.

Why We Need Health Care Reform Explained?

The health insurance and health care industries are for-profit industries. As such they put profit before health, therefore it is left up to laws to regulate their practices. Truly understanding the law requires an understanding of the health insurance and health care industries, lots of research and a little experience. The necessary complexity of the law and the 2.8 trillion dollar U.S. healthcare system defies any type of simple explanation. Suffice to say: We need health care reform to help America focus less on convenience and profit and more on wellness, prevention and health.

ObamaCare Explained Summary

Obama Care saves millions of lives, trillions of dollars and gives the American worker more freedom by not being dependent on their employers or insurance companies for care. Health care is now in your hands, It's your health care, not the governments. The government just makes sure you get a fair shake and the insurance companies play by the rules. Thanks for checking out our quick ObamaCare explained breakdown. Check out the site for a more detailed explanation of ObamaCare.

ObamaCare Fact Check, Checking The ObamaCare Facts

It's time for an ObamaCare Fact Check. A fact is a fact, and we're checking the ObamaCare facts. If you pay attention to the media you aren't just getting the facts on Obamacare, you're getting opinions. Let's check some "ObamaCare Facts."

The best way to get the Facts on ObamaCare and Obama's health care reform is to use the bill, CBO reports and official IRS and health care reports. Most of us know opinions are skewed by talking points and agendas and your typical ObamaCare fact check article only addresses a small part of what you might want to know. That is why we have complied a comprehensive list of ObamaCare fact checks, ObamaCare myths and ObamaCare Facts.

Didn't find the fact-check you are looking for? Check out our ObamaCare Myths or Our ObamaCare Facts Sections for more ObamaCare Fact Checking. If you can't find it on the site just let us know and we'll find it in the ObamaCare bill and post it on the site.

(ObamaCare Flag Image Public Domain)
Obama Care FlagObamaCare isn't a perfect bill, but repealing it is too simple of an answer. The best thing we can do is Americans is make sure we have our facts straight about what the bill does. Knowing the bill means being able to stick up for the parts that help you and to help change the parts you don't like.

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare Hurts Seniors

There is no death panel and ObamaCare doesn't get rid of Medicare. The death panel myth has been being circulated since 2009 and has been debunked a number of times. In fact a provision of ObamaCare about doctors providing in home counseling to seniors had to be cut from the bill because of this rumor. The fact is there is no group of unelected people who decide if you get surgery based on any factor. About 1/4 of the entire 2000 plus page bill is aimed at improving and expanding care for seniors.

In fact ObamaCare closes the part D "donut hole" of Medicare, expands coverage for seniors who need help at home or are in nursing homes and greatly increases their access to preventive care. It also reforms Medicareadvantage, a private program that is costing the tax payers millions and is lacking in the coverage it provides toseniors.

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare Raises Taxes

Check out this fact ObamaCare only raises taxes on those who claim a taxable income over $200k for an individual or $250k for a business or family. In other words the 3.8% income tax and 3.8% capital gains tax only affects 2% of people and 3% of small businesses. To find out more about the 21 new taxes in ObamaCare and how they affect you check out Our Full List of ObamaCare Taxes

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare is a Handout or Free Ride

ObamaCare covers helps all individuals rich and poor. For some of us that means government assistance, for others it means better coverage on our existing plans. Everyone pays in what they can to ObamaCare. At the end of the day the fact is that ObamaCare is a program will help 98% of Americans, all those who can afford to pay will, the rest will be helped with subsidies, tax breaks or will be covered under the expansion of Medicaid.

FACT CHECK: ObamaCare Raising Health Insurance Premiums?

Opinion: Republicans Blame the 9% Health Insurance Premium increase on Obama Care

FactHealthcare, like most other costs are rising every year. What isn't being mentioned is that ObamaCare protects Americans by limiting the amounts insurance companies can raise their premiums by (to increase profit, they must justify their rate hikes to the state they operate in and then post the information on their website). Many Americans are seeing their insurance premiums rise because some health care companies are trying to grandfather people in at higher rates and increase profit before these protections go into effect.

FACT CHECK: Millions Will Lose Coverage

The fact is that no one who has health insurance will be forced to lose coverage under ObamaCare. ObamaCare covers tens of millions currently uninsured Americans and provides better coverage to those who currently havehealth insurance. Some of these new protections include:

  • Coverage for preventive care without co-pays or deductibles
  • Children can stay on parents' insurance until 26
  • Annual Coverage limits were increased


  • Medicaid is Expanded to Cover Our Nations Poorest
  • Children with preexisting conditions must be covered
  • and more!
  • It's important to check the facts on ObamaCare. You will hear a lot of opinions but we don't cast our vote based on our opinions. If you have heard something and we haven't covered in our ObamaCare factcheck let us know and we'll make sure we give the real scoop.

User Comments

Enrollment is only open October, 2013 thru March 2014.  What I'm wondering is what if you lose your current insurance (if your husband or you get laid off or fired)? Will you be barred from the Marketplace after that or how does that work?  Any ideas?

not sure, try useing the link I provided for that information...

Wow, you're a special kinda stupid, aren't ya? My premium just increased by 200%..  I suppose that's fair.. 

Your stupidity is only parallelled by other liberal maggots who infest this site.

thanks for dropping in....

by the way, IF you read it, you would see...you dont have to change insurance so it didnt raise you 1 penny. have a nice day, and try reading shit before you blow off like a moron...

IF you had bothered to read even down about 8 inches from the top of this post, you would have seen in the bullet points this one...


• Most people who currently have health insurance can keep it.

you really are a moron arent you....

Yes you fucking nitwit.. I don't have to change, but the insurance is... drastically..   how dumb are you?

Ohhhh lookie here everyone..  Charlie found a site called "Obamacarefacts.com and because it has the word facts contained within, it must be the truth.


If this government said democide was good, you'd support it.

sorry bud, bu your flat out 100% wrong and besides your avatar looking moronic, you do as well....

LOL yep scotters, its says fact and its on the internet! It must be truth!!! {#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

you need this, and why are you on my page if you have me blocked? You might try to open your eyes for once and read it, and actually learn something, i swear your head wont explode...then again...it might


I'm not gonna pay a dime more, because Charlie fucking dumbass said I imagined price hikes. That should go over real well..  I'm feeling healthier already..  Wow, thank the Gods we have you and your government approved links around here to set the record straight...

Hey you didnt block me.. you dont want me here...block me, but otherwise this is a PUBLIC post, I have as much right to be here as everyone else. 

But then if you do block me, you can no longer claim that you dont block due to disagreeing with what a person says...so... hmmm decisions decisions, show yourself as a liar and block me, or show yourself as honest and not block me...wow it must suck to be you. ROFLMAO

nope, i wont. It shows that you too are a coward. Besides everyone can see that you block and then dont leave that person alone, oh and by the way...it IS against he TOS you agreeded to when you signed up here so it turns out that YOU are the liar, have a nice day.

Charlie it has nothing to do with your person and everything to do with your topic. Now I was at the goverment website about Obamacare and I can tell you this. My state is NOT expanding medicaid and I still even with the so called "discount" cannot afford insurance. I, and many others like me fall into a hole that apparently Reid, Pelosi and Obama didnt anticipate. 

Now your trying to disspell myths but how about some truth here. And the truth is obamacare is going to hurt many more then it helps. 


you will get federal help, and tax credits. Have you looked for your state exchange?

Our state isnt making one...nor is it expanding medicaid. 

well, lol, I hate to ell ya...your state has 3 options on his. 1)open an exchange on their own. 2) open an exchange with the help of the feds. 3) the feds will do i all by themselves. Thats in the law.This isnt something they get to pick or choose from, this is federal. YOU are supposed to getaffordable care, and the supreme court has said its the law, so is a matter of time.

Thing is Charlie my state isnt gonna do any of it. And I dont blame them. Charlie what you and your Messiah forget is that insurance isnt health care. Its a scam from a big corporation (I thought liberals hated those, hypocrite much?) to take money out of peoples pockets and give NOTHING in return. Oh yeah they give out little bones of care to the good puppies who shell out the money, but nothing of subtance.

Now Ive had insurance on every job Ive had so far to my injury (which insurance wouldnt pay for either) and the only claims they ever paid was for routine doctor visits. My back? My Asthma? My bones? Nope not on your life...all denied. and they were NOT preexisting with the first company. 

Same with my son, Chips refused to pay for ALL his needed asthma medicine so I wound up paying out of pocket. Now explain to me how paying full price out of pocket PLUS for the insurance is gonna help anyone? 

Oh and my friend who works for Anchor Glass? His family policy just went from 159 a month to 345 a month! Now thats a rather big jump. Of course he cant afford it so hes forced to dump the policy...how is Obamacare helping him Charlie? He makes just enough above the poverty level that he cant get help either. 

your no paying attention, they dont have a choice, it will come. Or they will loose all federal funding, period. The sacm is, the people who have fed you all the crap ARE those corporations, they know thru Obamacare heir days of super high profits are over. Guess what, all your ails will be covered under this plan, so why are you so against it? That jump is because, and god I'm tired of explaining this, the insurance companies under Obama care wont be able to just raise your premiums at will anymore and they are raising rates in ordre to grandfather them when the law goes into effect. You have been fed so much crap and lies and you believe it all because you want too, not because its true. The facts are out there, but you have to get past the big money people lying to you ....but hey, you think what you want, you believe what you want too. Just know this, Your being played, lied too and decieved. By the way, your son should be able to get care for almost nothing if he makes so litle, read the post, follow the link and FIND OUT.

NO YOUR not paying attention. I live here. They will chose to LOSE the funding. This is Georgia Charlie, and its like many other states who are tired fo the government intrustion into our lives. 

You see we dont want obamacare here. And its not lies Charlie, I have too many friends and family across the country who are seeing the reality of this situation via their lost jobs, cut hours and higher insurance premiums. Why wont you people listen? Why do you turn a deaf ear to the reality happenign all over the country. Do you really believe people can live on 29 hours a week!!!

Anchor glass one of our biggest employers is cutting hafl its staff! Why? they cant afford the damn insurance on them! Now middle georgia is already realing from this economy but now our ONLY big employer is the military base and they are cutting there too! 

Ive watched over the past 6 months so many store closings its unbelievealbe...some malls here are ghost towns now! Im seeing doctors offices close! OUr local low income clinic just closed and the dental one is closing next month! yeah that helps the poor alot!

Our local hospital is turning away medicare patients sending them to macon which is 30 minutes away! Thats a big fricking help in a heart attck situation isnt it!

I cant believ eyou all refuse to see what is happening around you, but we do. WE the people do. And its getting damn scary!

I dont need to read lies Charlie, Im watching reality all around me. 

Nope Charlie my son wsa turned DOWN. You speak of so much which you dont know. 

your reality is mistaken...

you say your state doesnt have it, how was he turned down from something you dont even have? 

How is my sons being turned down my reality mistaken? Because YOU dont want it to be true? Well sorry to disappoint you, but its true. He makes too much money...so he qualifies for no help. Unfortunately that doenst help his kids. 

I was refering to my oldest boy here, who actually works for a living and cant afford his companies medical insurance, he makes too much to qualify for any help.

Now my son with asthma is only 18, still in high school and lives at home with us. Since he still lives with us, he also doesnt qualify for any help.

Charlie no offense here but there are more stories in the country then yuo are aware of. And DC isnt listening. They dont really care about the people they care only for power. Eitehr side...dont matter same song. 

Now this new scheme by Obama and his buddies will only hurt the people. I know too many who cant begin to afford insurance, they couldnt afford the insure their employers offered now they have no choice. They have to buy a product they cant afford. 

This is NOT a good law, no matter how you try to justify it, its not good for the people. What I cant seem to make you folks understand is that insurance isnt health care. We need quality heathcare NOT insurance. We need tort reform, we need incentives for doctors to keep costs down and insurance isnt that incentive. 

this isnt chips, this is new and i doubt if he had applied he would be turned down, the fact he has kids once again i doubt he was turned down...If he makes too much money then whats he damned problem?

you havent read it have you, your too lazy and you just dont want to see what it can do for you. Your against anything the government does and you hate obama, so what else is new, I find this entire conversation a waste of my time since you wont even take the time to check it all out. I can tell by what your writting here you havent a clue. Tell ya what, go watse someone elses time, you've watsed enough of mine and I'm tired of trying to be nice and explain things to you, you dont listen.

one son lives in another state...I have five kids, one lives in newyork state, two lives here, one in ohio, one in cincinnati. I also have a daugther in ohio. And tonight with cooking dinner and all Im getting a bit confused in which blogs Im posting in...I just posted my last answr to you in facebook...LOL.

But no my state will not be offering an exchange or expanding medicaid. The boy with asthma, lives with me and is 18 years of age, he graduates high school this year. So he wont qualify for any help as he still lives with us, gets money due to his dads illness and as a whole we all make too much money, and yes they count the entire income of the household, not just what the individual gets. 

Charlie I have read every thing about Obamacare, even on the Obama facts site you have listed. Ive went to the Georgia sites too. Trust me Ive read all there is on this subject. Ive also tried to find insurance for myself and my son, via the gov website and at bluecross blue shield...and trust me, I cant afford it. 

It does not taken into consideration my husbands medical bills we are paying off...or our other expenses...it simply says okay you need this...you pay this. 

listen, they will, its all political posturing, they dont have a choice on this...and you should be calling your reps to tell them you need it, your youngest would be covered under you...until 26. There isnt too much money, there is graduated incomes, you really need to read the post and follow the link then tell your reps to quit messing around and let it happen, republicans are turning every day towards this, yes in the house they are....

you tell me you read it, but you say things that i know are in the post. Withou this obamacare, your husband will never get insurance again, ever, you need this. You need to call your rep....hes sand bagging you and your family....

Saxby Chambliss? Do you really think he cares? Hes retiring. Its someone elses problem now...

all I can tell you is, is this...this health care bill was written for people like you and your family. You should be fighting for it.

But Charlie I DONT want insurance, I want quality health care and insurance is NO gurantee of quality. 

We were fine before the bill, now its gonna hurt us cause what I pay out in insurance I cant pay for our meds or bills and the insurance isnt gonna pay off the thousands in bills we currenly have... in fact its going to cause us problems paying for the our meds and our bills AND the insurance. We were fine before this, why cant government leave alone those who dont "want" their help and help those who do? 

no were not fine before the bill, if you dont make enough money they will give it to you. The government is fixing an out of control industry witchy, one that has run amuck for many years. People said the same thing when medicare was started too...bet you dont want that taken away do you....besides, read the preamble of the constitution, it is the governments job to look after your well being whether you like it or not, its always been that way....the government protects us from our selves at times and thats a good thing in many cases...

Actually my husband has medicare and I absolutely hate it! It pays for nothing, most doctors dont take it anymore and the paperwork is unbelieveable! Plus the price of medicare...168. a MONTH!!! And it doesnt pay for shit!

"The sacm is...:

What's a sacm?  Stupid Annoying Cunt Midgets?  Silly Asinine Corny Masturbators?  Superficial Argumentative Confrontational Monkeys?

I've been amusing myself for the last 20 minutes trying to figure out that typo, but here's "our" truth, for Simon and myself to purchase on Ohio's exchange the rate for our family size, age, and extremely low income is actually $600 MORE than we bring in for the ENTIRE YEAR.

That's all our money, plus $600 from where?  I suppose we could panhandle for food and sleep in the alleys, but hey, at least when we get our teeth kicked in for panhandling, we can go to the hospital and not get a bill later, right?

Except...I don't think this covers dental!

Using your own calculator, Charlie.  On the link you provided.



"this health care bill was written for people like you and your family. You should be fighting for it."

The fight is over, Charlie.  It's the law of the land.  And a LOT of people are going to be saying "My God, what have we DONE?" when the results are made clear to them.

Use your own calculator, the one you linked, run the numbers for your own family and then tell  us how much YOU are going to "save."


you need to contact YOUR state exchange babe....my calculater is this one and its for cali only...https://www.coveredca.com/fieldcalc/#healthplans

well, lmao, you can have your opinion, and i did run the numbers for my family and with the best plan they have it will save me about 50 bucks a month, which is a better plan than I have now,I may justchange...

The link holly and I visited was for the state we live in, Charlie, not cali.


well, dont know what to tell you, all i can say is if you already have insurance you dont need to change. I think the numbers are whack, or you all make too much money but i dont think thats the problem, try calling them and speak with them directly....

just a tad bit of overlap here;^) I was listening in on radio show today going over a few questions about the ACA..., and in Arkansas if you make something around 15,000 or less around 55 years of age, you only have to put in about 280 bones for coverage. With no ACA, probably not too much and costs that will likely shift the burden on the hospitals and taxpayers.

actually, if you make below a certain amount its free i believe, try reading the stuff and use the link i provided for more questions.

theres a great line up there before the facts part whereit says if you've been lictening to the TV your getting mostly opinion and not the facts, could be the same with the radio...the site I gave the link for has a ton of links and other stuff, just way to much to post here...

ObamaCare covers helps all individuals rich and poor. For some of us that means government assistance, for others it means better coverage on our existing plans. Everyone pays in what they can to ObamaCare. At the end of the day the fact is that ObamaCare is a program will help 98% of Americans, all those who can afford to pay will, the rest will be helped with subsidies, tax breaks or will be covered under the expansion of Medicaid.

cool, im hearing also that it will all depend on the younger folks getting in on this when it is all said and done. For me Im more thinking about people with pre-existing conditions that are denied coverage under the current system, but now will be able to get health care through ACA. That just seems like the right thing to do.

it sure is, and over the nextyears, we could all hope for a single payer system, to ice this cake as well. Its funny that the guy above you blows his cookies and obviously didnt read the post, and he calls me stupid and a maggot, lmao....I did mention morons didnt I?

with him, it's all in the tin-foil hats...but luckily there seems to be some good news ahead with the new health care system. RomneyCare has worked thus far, and they joked in the Republican debates that is shouldve been called ObamneyCare, so what do we do but own the term. Should be some hiccups too, but a better system that only President Obama was able to get through (something like 50-70 years in the making).{#apploud.gif}

I totally agree!

Anyone who can add 2+2 and come up with 4 wears a tin foil hat in your simpleton world. You can spew talking point garbage as good as any other maggot in here.

Have YOU read it, Charlie?

Sure doesn't seem like  you have...

yep, in fact a radio host did and wants me on his show wed night, so i may not be replying as quickly as you might like again tomorrow while i work and get ready for that. Guess he really liked the blog, oh damn it has 498 reads now....thats a lot in a couple of days...at least for me it is...

Yup, I noticed that!  Congrats on the traffic, and the gig. Does the station stream it's show online?

it was on line, blogtalk radio, I think you can listen to the shows even after they are done. I didn talk to much, the guy whos show it was did most of it, but it was fun. My phone was kinda cuting out at one time and i had to leave after about an hour to do things here at home. It sucks being responsible sometimes...well it sucks when the wife gets pissed cause my shit aint done, lol

In Florida a family of 4 making less than $50,000 a year will pay $25 a month for their insurance with tax benefits--and that's a bad thing???? Oh wait poor people don't deserve help according to those on the Right and yet some on the Right here take food stamps, SSI, help from HUD, etc.

And Charlie be kind--now they have Palin and Cruz!!!! LOL


yep, they say because this was on the internet its a lie, I wonder where the hell they get their info? Rush Limbaugh???

No from each other!!! LOL

sure seems like it...

Really Martin? That is a family of four, non smokers in Fort Lauderdale making 49,000. IF and that is a big IF you get the subsidy it is 280.41.  I did the math, can you?  That is from Charlies link.

it weird these number they are coming up with, way higher than cali, and they say they are using my numbers? really? heres MY numbers, put in what you mentioned here ans see what you get....


305 a month for the best plan, out of pocket, thats less than what my wife and i pay thru her work...and thats for 4 people and we only have 3

It is from the coverage calculator.

Not an anti obama calculator up there, that hypothetical coverage comes out to 288 a month after taxes) I put in Florida, his age 30 hers 27 , non smokers two nonsmoking kids @50k a year....It is about the same as yours how ever it is not the 25 bucks a month Martin was told it would be.

then keep what you already have, you dont have to use an exchange, does your state even have one or do you need to use the federal one?

Thank you for the factual information{#apploud.gif}

your welcome!

When we went to the prison reunion I was stuck between two older ladies who were still talking about the death panel. I heard one say if you're over 65 and need an operation, you won't wake up because Obamacare will euthanize the useless elderly.


the misinformation and flat out lies are totally unbelievable. I hear Cruz and Limbaugh say, whats going on is the Republicans are afraid this is going to work and they are doing and spending what ever they can to stop it. Why? To make Obama's administration look bad. So millions suffer. Just like making this country fail to pay its bills, millions here will suffer when their SS checks dont come, and their food stamps dont come. They really dont care about the people, they care about their politics.

Charlie -- Don't get too upset when idiots talk.  They are always blowing out their butts like that.  Some other idiot tells them something and they think it's gospel.  It IS strange how these banned idiots keep commenting on my stuff as well.  I guess they're a little like gum on a shoe on a hot day.  Annoying as hell!

lmao, we have our trolls dont we! Well, theres been so much crap from the right on this and they believe their teaparty people. Thats ok, when they are all using it in a few years all this will be forgotten...oh, and they wont be calling it Obama care any more either, lol, they will call it their insurance...

P.S.  If that idiot's insurance went up it's more likely it's because they consider him a bigger risk and making comments like he does I'd say they're right because it's only a matter of time before someone busts him in his big kazoo. 

whats happening with that is....and I know they dont believe this....in the bill they will regulate pricing, and these insurance companies are trying to get rates up as far and as fast as they can to grandfather in the higher price. Insurance companies know what this act is going to do to them, and their shareholders want as much as they can bleed us for. Insurance is a huge money makeing business, they could give a damn about our health as long as they make their bucks...

I believe that as well.  Insurance companies are all about profit.  They don't even like to pay when they're supposed to pay. 

its true....all this anti crap is coming from hundreds of millions of dollars laid out by the insurance industry and well, 150 million came from the Koch bros...so you tell me WHY theres so much negative atenion...is all abou greed and money and big business and Obamacare will regulate it, and thats a really good thing...they cant soak us the deny us anymore like they have been, or say you used up all your insurance like they did to my brother in law when he was dying from a brain tumor. They threw him out of the hospital and sent him home to die...thats how it works now, and that wont happen to people anymore.

Let's hope not.  It seems to me that the people who don't want Obamacare are the ones who can afford the $400+/mo. the insurance companies are demanding.  They don't have to worry about health care and are the ones who scream the loudest about what the government spends on other people.  What they don't seem to realize is that poor people pay taxes too.  It's one of the reasons they're so poor.  A man makes $400 and takes home $298 of it.  Then they scream if he gets food stamps or help with his rent.  It's like they think they are the only ones paying in and that poor people should starve and live in cardboard boxes.  Well, not everybody has a college education or makes above minimum wage. 

amen, thats exactly right....

oh dear, my brain is not well enough to take all this in right now...lol. But to be honest I dont think it will make any difference to anyone who is not in the same political side, it will be dissed and disparaged by the right no matter how good it is. But good for you Charlie, for making the effort to educate or inform those who are not really clear about it. I hope it does help those who need to know more.

theres a lot reading this but not commenting because of the idiot comments here already, I get PM's. My facebook is exploding.....

maybe because your title is a little bit harsh...lol....I dont think anyone wants to be called the idiot who reads this and comments...lol.  I dont mind though...maybe I'm still recovering...{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

there is a line of automotive repair guides, they use the title like, "how to repair your VW for the complete idiot" best repair book i ever bought, lol

oh I see...okay...sorry I thought you were referring to..oh never mind!!{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

ahemmm, of course I was, lmao

I think I've said this before..but I wanna say it again...you're soooo naughty Charlie!!!{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}


Bud....this is just BS.........My personal insurance went up 125%......The “Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund” (HIRIF) was tucked into Obamacare in order to give the IRS money to enforce the tax provisions of the healthcare law. The fund, totaling some $1 billion of taxpayer money, was used to roll out enforcement mechanisms for the approximately 50 tax provisions of Obamacare.
… the IRS did not account for or attempt to quantify approximately $67 million [from the slush fund] of indirect ACA costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012.  IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund

Dwm tyrants passed a law so we could know what was in it, a law that forces all citizens to purchase something they may or may not want, and rigs the market so that eventually only the federal government will be selling the product they’re forcing us to buy.
Meanwhile, they’ve robbed your bank account to pay for the thugs that will be sent to threaten you should you be late in your purchase. But they lost $67 million of the thug money, so they will be re-visiting your bank account.
If you run out of money before they get their thugs paid off, they are really gonna be pissed at you.

BTW..........ObamaCare doesn’t apply to Obama. a guy says this is his life’s work, his pride and joy, and he doesn’t want any part of it.....and he also excluded Congress from the same

thanks for dropping in, try reading it...your insurance went up because this law regulates price increases, YOUR insurance company is hosing you to grandfather the price. Get mad at the money suckers your defending....not the law that will stop them from doing it...your way off base on this...have a nice day.

tell that to all the people that are being from full-time workers to part-time workers and see what they tell you cack{#smiley-smile.gif} Your feeding on a Baloney Sahndwhich because you want to believe their facts

no, their bosses are feeding them bullshit. read he info posted, go to the link provided and you can read how much they will be subsidized, this is a bullshit lying talking poin. In fact under 50 employees nothing changes for them at all...read it.

The only idiots I ever see are those that trust the government...look at the Postal Service, the DVM hell look at how ANYTHING they run is...you have a good day too

the idiots are those who live in fear and distrust, yeah look at what the repubhlicans have done to the post office....whats your point, they destroyed it for personal profit...I do have great days, I don buy the bullshit.

Not much to add here, but I appreciate someone who has the stones to try and explain this LAW to people. The same things were said about Medicare and Medicaid. Good going. 

exactly, and they all scream now to leave it alone, lmao, just like they will in ten years with obamacare...how ever they will once again change the name so as to not give Obama ANY credit for it by then...

Charlie, there are things about this plan that I dont like.....I think the insurance companies got too much input.  I would have preferred the sort of plan that they have elsewhere, Canada and europe.

For we the people to be at the mercy of those for whom making money is their major concern, is not to my liking.  However this plan does at least attempt to protect those most at risk and is therefor a good beginning..

What I fully expect from the Right, is screaming and nasing of teeth till it suddenly dawns on them that it is working...and then they will be just as ferious as they are now in their defense of another "big government" plan...ie medicare.

Time will tell, of course.

well, we will work on single payer and knock the insurance companies out of it, its a matter of time. and the rest of your reply is spot on...

Charlie, just finished reading ANOTHER story in my local news about ANOTHER hosptial in Macon with a 60 million dollar deficit! They sight slow pay by the government as one of the reasons in last weeks story. But they are laying off 50 workers. They laid off more last month. 

And yes this is another fear of health care providers, you see the government is very slow to pay, so they wind up with deficits on a regulare basis. Now if half the country is on medicaid or medicare, the two chief government programs...thats gonna hurt even more when the hospitals need the money to operate but are waiting for payments. Our Government has to get out of this mindset that an IOU is as good a money! 

oh, so thats Obamas fault too...ok

The fact is that the President wanted a single payer plan but the republicans wouldn't even let that get to the table. So the Heritage Foundation which is a Republican organization proposed the state exchanges. The President said great because that is a hell of a lot better than what we currently have and it is also a big step to eventually getting single payer. Since the President went for it, now the republican don't want their own idea. To late. Charley there are states that have not accepted exchanges and medicade. They are all red states and primarily in the south, which has a greater number of citizens that would beniifit from ACA. It will be up to Them The People to tell there red state government that they want change or they will be voted out. For all the people bitching about the new plan, look at the states that have accepted it for their citizens and listen to all the positive stories. It is a new program and does have bugs to work out, but it is a start and is %100 better than anything we have had, excepts for Massachusetts who has had it for several years and they won't give it up. (Excuse any spelling errors I am typing on my iPad keyboard). By th way, in 1964 Ronald Reagan was the republican spokesperson against Medicare and he said that if we pass Medicare it will be the downfall of America. How many of you have parents and grandparent that would be dead now if it weren't for Medicare. Live and learn. Thanks for standing up so bravely Charley to all the idiocy out there.

exactly right, and spot on. Thanks for dropping by to help clear up some of this stuff!

California is hiring more health care providers.

they sure are, the lie that they are all quitting is going to be debunked rather quickly...

DavidEnglin wrote the above posts.

hey buddy, nice to see you drop in....

I have a good idea--all those who don't like Obamacare and are on Medicare and/or Medicaid should rebel and just resign from programs like these---heck, the government pays slowly and not enough, the insurance companies make all the money and patients can't get the drugs they want and in some cases have to pay for them and the complainers whine with their hand out!!!!

good idea, get off the government tit....

You really are drinking the kool-aid here. A family of six, 24k per year 12,000 dollar premium and NO subsidies. Oh and if they smoke it is doubled. This from their calcualtor.

umm, i think you have i wrong, i dont hink under that amount you have to pay anything...

Wanna see a screen shot?


So you do know I am for a national health care, right? This is the same style plan Romney would have used. I was for it. Make the insurance companies compete to have you as a customer(not single payer). It was going here no matter which way the vote swung.

I genuinely checked and got what I got and it was kinda sickening and if you are a smoker that amount doubles leaving you working for health care.

(the number I gave before was for the silver plan)

24 hours later, and the silence is deafening....

uh huh, that's what i thought.


nope, really doesnt matter, you have to go to the exchnage for your state, if thats where you went, and you have to choose the plan that you could afford, here the cali exchange, i have nop idea what yours is, they are all different...


Holly, it all depends on which provider and which plan you get, nothing is one size fits all...I'm surprised you dont have the link for YOUR exchange already so you would already know..

they are competeing, look at the link I gave you for cali, theres several companies and plans from each to choose from

sorry, been busy, had a couple of family birthdays and work hun....sorry i didnt get back to you fast enough...

Charlie I do not need the exchange. I checked it out according to the calculator.  No one said it was one size fits all BUT that is what my general premium will be.  You cannot deny it. It is there, according to my state.

A lady in my group here, her dibetes supply jyust went up from 280 a month to one thousand...

because of the ACA, I highly doubt it...

God! The name callin' !!!

holy crap, is this PreK?...lol..

Hi Charlie, is this whatcha lookin for?

I am in no way for or against..I've been on the fence so long, I got slivers in my butt...

love the photo! Yeah, we really need to let if fund and see where it goes....

Ok, how 'bout you give me all your money and see where I go?

(I'm going to Disneyland!  And I'm taking holly and eky with me!)


my exchange saves me money, I'll buy a year pass withthe money I save, lmao, see you there...

Charlie I love it--my insurance won't change one bit as I will/can keep what I have-- got a list of the changes that will take place with MY insurance company and it is ALL for the better in 2014--and those who were screaming they couldn't get insurance and medicines are now screaming when they can--I think the 'complete idiot' is very apropos just by reading some of the comments especially the one who thinks they are smarter than everyone else--hope they explain it to you in words you will understand!!LOL  (Looking over the comments there is more than one!!!)

sure is, lmao, I cant wait until they start screaming, "Keep your hands off my healthcare", lmao its coming...

I see you got hit by the star mafia--they visit me every day LOL

they can hit me all they want, I'm at the top of the reads no them, lmao...they hate that. I never even look at the stars, I'm always more concerned about how many reads i get, why write if no one reads? The stars only show what kind of children we have here at blogster, adult cry babies...

Actually Charlie I write for myself--this takes the place of the huge amounts of notebook diaries in my closet!!! LOL

The only time I notice the stars is when someone brings it to my attention--they don't mean a thing--I have thousands of them and can't even turn them in for a slice of carrot cake!!

mmm, carrot cake...what do we turn in to get the cake???? many people are like you they write for themsdelves, i like it when people actually read what i wrie, but thats just me...

Don't get me wrong--I like it when people read what I write (even those who hate me--in fact that's better! LOL) but I would write whether they did or didn't--as long as I have my stalkers I'll be read!! LOL

true, I write anyways, but it is alot better to get over 500 reads on somehting as simple as explaining the ACA to a group of idiots, lmao...

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