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Isn't It A Pity

Added: Sunday, February 12th 2012 at 1:07pm by CharlieAdams

Wow, the news last night was a shock....well not really but it was. Yu cannot live a life on the edge without the risk of falling off. Thats what it seems like has happened with one of the most talented voices of our time, Whitney Houston. I've been seeing post all over blog sites and facebook, showing her talent, which was incredible. Me? You all know I'm a little different, and I'm going to post Whitney a song that came to my mind right after i heard the news. This particular version was recorded at the Celebration of George Harrison's life, his son is there, his best friend and a few others who were important in his private life as well as his career. I feel it's proper to actually use this version not the original, that was Georges and should remain so, so to Whitney, heres my song to you, Isn't It A Pity....


User Comments

It is a pity. She had a gift very few people are given. I hope she is a peace now.

me too, I really do. Some people live hell on earth and now hopefully she is at peace.


{#depressed.gif}{#broken_heart.gif} it breaks my heart to see this happen, it's happened to close to home to many times. It's preventable, but they have to want that.......no one is immortal....

I know, Charlie. We shall soon learn what the cause of death was, but truly she lost years because of addiction. Praying for her young daughter, who's really struggling to cope.

oh, of course for her. The children pay the highest cost in something like this. The guy who walks away...Bobby Brown should be the dead one in my opinion...

Yes, Brown is an utter scumbag, and his influence was deadly. But I mourn that Whitney's frail ego that could not break free from his destructive, abusive influence. Sadly, in some people, and my late ex-husband was one, once addiction takes root, it kills.

I've watched it happen to too many people, some in my own family. Theres nothing you can do abou tit either, they have to want help to get it...

yeah...its a pity. but being self inflicted makes it incomprehensible....especially when she had a daughter.  and now the daughter was rushed to the hospital.....

I saw that this afternoon on the news. I have to agree, and while no one ever twister her arm, I blame Bobby Brown for her death, he should have left her alone from the beginning...never did like that guy.....

yeah...he was a bad influence but she's responsible for her own decisions as an adult and parent.

and what kind of a dad would go and do a show instead of rushing to his daughter's side at a time like this???  You're right, he's the one who should be dead!!!{#basic-angry.gif}{#basic-angry.gif}{#basic-angry.gif}{#evil-crazy.gif}{#evil-crazy.gif}{#evil-crazy.gif}

he's an ass, always has been

he looks very dodgy to me, never liked him either.  for some, love really is blind.

hell, had had drug problems in the press before he and Whitney even hooked up, never did like the guy at all.

I'm heartbroken too, she was a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, such a pity indeed Charlie...I hope her daughter is okay.

they rushed her to the hospital this morning on a gurney herself, yeah I do hope she OK. Shes only 18......

so sad Charlie.

sure is....

Just watched a piece of the evening news about her. And so life goes on...without Elvis, Hendrix, Joplin, Jackson, Houston...on and on. Here one day and gone the next. Yes, music and memories go on, but what a waste of lives that could have been so much more for so much longer :-(

very very true, maybe what they say about the crossroads is true. That you sell your soul to the devil to be the very best, and then when HE'S ready, he takes it....

That's one of the best versions of "Isn't It a Pity?"...Thanks for sharing it Charlie.

Hey, my phone is acting weird, could you ring it to make sure it works?

lol, I'll try this afternnon bud.

I love this show, lol!! Of course Holly!!!{#crazyheart.gif}

I just had to stop by and visit your blog after the encouraging things you said on mine.

As to Whitney and all stars, I think most of their problems are our fault, at least the fault of those who worship them for their looks and/or talent. We forget they are people too and when we forget (this includes the media) it can make it difficult for them to be just the person they are.  

I agree 100%, they cannot do the little things in life like going down to the corner and having a frozen yogurt. Micheal Jackson used to talk about things like that, he couldn't go into a 7/11 to buy a pack of gum, it really isn't a life. You sit at home, you get on a plane, you take the limo to the event or hotel, you do the gig, back to the hotel, then back to the airport and rinse and repeat. It really has to suck a lot of the time.

Many rock& rollers have written songs about the problems of being on the road. One of my favorites is Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" in which he uses the line "There I go being star again."

It's a disconnect between the person and the image. 

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