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Hey Ted! Shut The Fuck Up!

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, April 19th 2012 at 12:56pm by CharlieAdams

Honestly, how bad does it need to get? When do decent people put their foot down and say, “Enough is enough?” Yes, it’s true, the division in this country is so wide, and it seems to be getting even wider. Why do we put up with it anymore?  It seems that more violent the talk, the more the extreme right likes it…..what has happened and why? It started years back, most of us thought it was just stupid and didn’t say much about it, but now…it’s out of control and whose fault is it? Americas, that’s whose.

Last weekend Ted Nugent an aging American rockmusician, author, outdoorsman and gun enthusiast, stood before a crowded NRA convention and said the follow: “If Obama is re-elected "I will either be dead or in jail."…..What do YOU think he meant by that?

He went on to say….“Obama's administration is vile, evil and America-hating.”

“Our president and attorney general, our vice president, Hillary Clinton, they're criminals. ... Barack Obama does not connect with blue-collar white men.”

“We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Nugent launched an even more direct attack at then-candidate Barack Obama, calling him a "piece of shit."

"I told him to suck on my machine gun," Nugent said while brandishing two machine guns on stage at an August 2007 concert

The rocker then took aim at Obama's Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton, saying to his cheering concert-goers, "Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch."

I could go on with these but I’ll post a couple of videos so you can hear it for yourselves. Who in the world would support this kind of talk about our President and other members of  the administration, yeah there’s free speech, but there’s also a line of decency that needs to be upheld, and those who revel in his remarks are no better than pond scum, much like Nugent himself.

I bought his record, years ago, I loved it. But this man will never, and I mean never, see another dime from MY pocket…ever.

This is the man who shit and peed in his pants for a week to avoid the draft in Viet Namm. Then goes on to say if he had gone he would have killed all the hippies who were there…those Hippies pal were American Soldiers….Ted, it’s time you went back into your little life as an animal killer, get the hell out of our faces with your lying sack of shit worthless mouth. You have done more to re-elect Obama than Obama has at this point, guess I should thank you for that! But…as your spouting off, remember who it was that bought your records, made you famous, those very same Hippies who you would have killed.

Hey Ted, shut the Fuck up!

User Comments

Hmmm?  He has a lot of weapons and is talking crazy shit about the president.  Is that not worth a visit from the Secret Service or ATF?

The Secret Service will be paying him a visit today. He says he's not worried about it that they are friends.....I wonder if he was with them when they got the Whores and stuff.......You know, I even saw him twice and bought the Ted Nugent album, I'm a little pissed I wasted the money on this asshole....

I watched the video where he made all these comments.  Did you get a look at those crazies to whom he was talking?  Personally, I wouldn't want to meet any of them in broad daylight, much less after dark!!  They all look rough shod and hung out to dry.  If this is the kind of crowd the NRA draws, remind me never to get within ten miles of them or their organization.

no kidding, and their fighting hard to keep the "Stand your ground" law right now too.

I read today that the secret service are investigating him. You know there have been lots of folks from other parties that I haven't cared for, but I've never used that kind of language about them - not even if they were the sitting President. Maybe especially if they were a sitting President AND if I were a "famous" person whose words would be broadcast throughout social media. I guess he's "proud" of himself, but I'd be embarrassed if I were him to show the country what an classless individual I am.

it's nuts, no matter which side does it, this is becoming insane.

Please Charlie, keep that dangerous lunatic on your side of the Pond!  I found it hard to believe what I was watching.  It seems like your country is so divided it might not come back together again.

lol, I tell you what, if he wants to leave I'll help him pack!!! Your right, the people have GOT to put it all away and get it together, it's worse than the 60's....

The 60's was all peace and love compared to what you are going through at the moment.  Good luck, hope you survive.

me too, but I'm ready to become Canadian or something.....kidding of course, but if Romney wins we may become part of China.....


both sides have to admit it's gone to far for a start, then they need to sit down and work together. Me, I've always been a Dem, but more centered. Both parties have their weirdos 80, both do.....sad as it seems.


I suggest CHARLIE!!!

truly a waste!

lol, thanks Cat

The guys a friggin idiot and probably dangerous at the same time..lock em away forever...draft dodging lunatic....

personalyl, take the gun from his hand and he's a chicken shit wanna be. He feels like a big man because he can kill a deer.....big deal, deer dont shoot back....

I too have bought his music and enjoyed it.  He is a redneck gone wrong.  Extremists should be stopped as they are ruining our country.  Hatred will get us nowhere.  I don't like all of the negative campaigning either.  I wish politicians would just tell people what their policies and vision are and leave it at that.  I may not agree with the big government policies of the Obama administration but I don't hate the man and I sure as hell don't agree with the extreme right either.  Can't we just meet in the middle somewhere and get America back on track?

exactly brian, thats exactly it....

I've heard some of his stuff in the past.  First time I ever heard of draft dodging exercise.  I guess he sure don't walk the walk but just talks the talk.....

pretty much, a real Republican hero!!!

Nugent was doing his usual spouting off without thinking before he talked routine. There are times when I appreciate what he says politically & other times I wish he'd keep his mouth shut. Nobody's perfect on the left or the right side of the political spectrum but I'm not gonna bring up comparisons cuz there are too many and for what point?

he's been getting worse since Obama was running for president. I've been watching him and he's out of control.

This Ted will one day try to run for president.

yeah, I'd love it if he tried, he has so many skeletons in his closet he wont make it to the primary.

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