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Gremlin? My Ass!!!

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, October 4th 2013 at 9:15am by CharlieAdams

Some folks are so self absorbed and full of bile at the unhappiness of their own lives, they feel they have to self project their bitterness at others. This is something I have never understood about some so called human beings.

There is a couple here, a man and a wife, who seem to be awfully angry all the time, and seem to like pissing in every ones cheerios. A friend posted she was like a gremlin, well thats not enough for this woman or her old man, they are far worse than gremlins, they are down right hateful people.

After spending hours and hours of my time trying to explain things to this woman in a rational way, and i might add on several peoples blog posts including my own, I was done with her. She doesnt get why I got mad. maybe its because she wants to argue the facts with her opinions? Could be...

Her husband is even worse, a man truly filled with bile and hate, the man wont listen to a damn thing, facts dont matter to him as well, and he posts bullshit about people he doesnt even know about things that happened here years ago, with no fact to it at all, only the little bit of hear say hes seen written in someones posts. Homey dont play.

I know you will read this and i know your husband will come on attack because I "attacked you", lmao. Bring it big boy but dont rip your pantyhose when your pulling them over your spurs. Personally I dont care what either of you have to say, you see i have this thing called a life and neither of you are a part of it. Your nothing but spewed out hate on a blog site, no big deal. trust me, Ole JoeZ would have had you both for breakfast and spit you out because the taste was so bad.

Here, let me COPY AND PASTE one of our last  go arounds for ya, lets see what this wonderful human being has to say....

Charlie your just one angry individual arent you? I mean really. Look at your words here. You are on the attack mode and cant be reasoned with. So why, why in the sam hill hell should I listen to or believe anythign you say? You have been absolutely a prick and I have tried to be level headed and not nasty but you just keep picking at the scab. So now hear me and hear me good. 

You my friend need to calm down and realize I have absolutely NO reason to believe you or put any worth into your view points. I dont know you from jack, so why in the hell would I believe you? If you were someone I knew personally and quit beating the drum for obama and actually LISTENED to what Im saying you might understand, but you cant, you are simply in defence mode and nothing I say or anyone else says is gonna change that. That coupled with the fact that my husband has been on your ass for days now, seems to have made you angry at me. Well newsflash mr pissed off for no reason, I cant control what my husband does or says and I wouldnt want to. Im his wife not his owner. 

So get over it, stop crying and whining and understand that I dont know you from swquat and there is absolutely no reason why I should trust your word or believe it. 

And that is just the simple truth of the matter. 

 How about that? After I spent around 4 hours of my time trying to explain to her a few things she questioned, on several different blogs. No, I'm not an angry person at all witchie, I'm tierd of trying to get thru to you when you wont listen to anyone but your self and those who fill your head with crap you wanna hear. Thats the simple truth of the matter. There has always been people here who are a bit like you, but baby you take the cake at being one of the worse ever. Your husband is right up there with you as well. Personally, if you dont want to believe me, then why do you keep asking questions and shit? It makes no sense, you make no sense, your husband makes no sense. Listen hum, maybe you ought to take a little of your free time to make sure your trailer is tied down well before the next big wind comes up and blows it it away, you may end up under it when itcomes back down...

Meet the wonderfull woman this post is about....

Here she is with her most wonderful husband

uh oh, guess you didn get that trailer tied down in time!

Now, lets see whos the angry one, lmao....

User Comments

Oh come on Charlie. 

You can't see the resemblance.  It's uncanny.

lmao!!!! if you look close, so does my last one, same house!



oh cmon...is this necessary? 

These people do not like me either, in fact hate me. ME...for gods sake what is to hate about me? I am as Benign as it gets.

But I do not believe in hate, giving or receiving. Have a good day.

You know there is really nothign to hate about you.  It is much worse than that. You are the lady that is screaming at nothing in particular on the street corner that every one crosses the street and walks on the other side to avoid.

I wasn't going to lower myself to answer this. But, I think you need to take a reality check, I am in good faith here. I have no hidden agenda, you want to fight with someone?...it's not me.

Know what Id like to know about you? What are your interests?...do you have a family? Are you religious, are you not?...no matter...just stuff yanno?. stop picking fights. Stop hating, there is enough of that in this world why perpetuate it?

I enjoy this site, I have made some good friends. But you...have a burr under your saddle. I do have one thing to warn you about...Don't you EVER mess with my friend Barb again, you do not know the wrath of hell ....yet. 

Have a lovely day.

forgive and forget, give the gal a chance, shes cool Holly....if you dont like her then thats fine, but this post is about that bitch witchie....ok???

actually, yes, I was for me. I needed to express my frustration, and this really helped me a lot. I dont hate her or anyone else, honestly I feel sorry for her and her husband...

Its your page Charlie..

sorry I got out of sorts...but..Im surfin' today!!!

What? She called me a whore, unprovoked less than a week ago.  Puleese.  I will be responding to her however. She is not cool.  She is a but job. 

LOL, no hidden agenda?  I never thought that.  I do not think you are sober or sane enough for that. I know you want to have a hidden agenda considering how often you threaten people with the “pentagon people”.

My interests are sex, turkeys and crocheting. Of course I have family? Do you think I was born on the dark side of a rock?

Picking fights? I abhor it when I see you acting like the holier than thou goddess of peace and good vibrations when less than a week ago, out of no where you comment about what a whore I am alluding to the fact that I must be stupid to do phone sex which I responded in kind by asking you who the stupid one was since you give it away for free, it being phone sex.

Then I see you here acting like you are above it all and we should all just get along.

The burr under my saddle are sluts who pretend to be pure as the driven snow after attacking me publicly for no reason. Who the hell is Barb? Actually, forget that.  I could care less who Barb is. Go ahead and send the imps of hell after me, I will be shaking in my shoes waiting for them to not show up , kinda like the feds.....

Stop threatening people, it is unbecoming a sub-literate mass of neuroses with delusions of adequacy.

Maybe try being a bit less on the defensive?


have a lovely day.

She is fighting cancer, with a sense of humor and a positive attitude...you effing stay away from her. You are toxic.

Practice what you preach.

I have NO IDEA who barb is or what you are talking about. 

LOL, again.  I have no idea who barb is.  I really do not care who she is or what problems she may or may not have. Since I do not have an inkling as to who this is I must assume this is one of your new delusions.

fuck you and the horse you rode in on bitch...I TRIED...


LOL, again.  I have no idea who barb is.  I really do not care who she is or what problems she may or may not have. Since I do not have an inkling as to who this is I must assume this is one of your new delusions.


This is a waste of damed time. Seriously a waste of time.

I go on hundreds of pages a day......lol...go take a pill

When I know who Barb is maybe I will care BUT I doubt it.

Why is it you bitches resort to that? You and whats her name whip?...LMAO...it means nothing to me. You get yours today?...do ya buy them on the street?You are losing ground fast...no one no longer cares.

you effin leave her alone...you do not know crazy yet...

Resort to what?

Watch me....just watch me...

you wander around posting shit..you dont care who the people are...DO YOU EFFING SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT??

Why should I care who you are?  This is a blog site nor a dating site..oh yeah, you do not know the difference.

Why should I care who you are?  This is a blog site nor a dating site..oh yeah, you do not know the difference.

I wasnt talking about me, i can handle myself..but when you start in on Barb?..you have me on your back...deal with it

DJ, it is not nice, I agree, but the women blocked me and continue to come to my blog causing havoc around racist and her homophobic jargen.   So, yea, I should not stoop to her level, but after a while it gets a little too much.   Plus,  she says that names do not bother her, but she knows racists words bother me, but yet she continues to use them.

so, is it necessary? of course not.  It doesnt even bother her.  But I feel better.

She pushed one to many buttons in me, and at some point, she needs to learn cause and effect thinking.

Oooo, can I play?

DJ, your friend Barb is an utter cunt.



(ps. Barb, I have no idea who you are, I just love it when Jillie threatens me!)

Go pay your medicade,.

Go out and get your toys are us doctor kit and play veterinarian with your stuffies!

Go out and get your toys are us doctor kit and play veterinarian with your stuffies!

Go get a guy off on the phone or whatever...you are pitiful.

I will be more than happy to get them off for 1.99 to 3.99 a minute.  I hear you do it for free. Still telling folks your a Rhodes scholar?

go to hell bitch, you are a joke.

No Dj I am responding to the articles not the people. Now, who the heck is barb? I doubt she is real.

No Dj I am responding to the articles not the people. Now, who the heck is barb? I doubt she is real.

She is very real, and the most spunky courageous person I know. G/nite.

Medicaid is free, ya dumbass.  And it's not spelled 'medicade.'


Barb is a dankish, beef-witted, swag-bellied pumpion.

Bring on the threats, JILLY!

Just wanted you to know Holly, I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing at the toast comment. 

lol, I figured...

Charlie? You are welcome on my page anytime, cya

Come back, DJ!  You summoned me by mentioning my name, when all I was doing was some innocent surfing.

Charlie, after spending so much effort trying to calm ME down a month or two ago, think about what you're doing here.  So many people are down on wichie at the moment, does the dogpile really need another body thrown on top of it?

Pithy version: Don't be the same type of bully you claim to despise and crusade against.  Don't like the woman?  Block and ignore, block and ignore, block and ignore.

That's the same advice you've given me...how many zillions of times now?

you are so full of shit. i remember the site you deleted.

Do NOT ever address me again...EVER

You ever threaten to have me killed? i got friends...you try it...

The ones at the pentagon mentioned above?

Sabrina, when ever I post or go to someones page and reply, witchie is there to annoy and pester me, then block me, then unblock me, then block me again, you know me, will i let it slide forever??/ I spent hours of time discussing with her to get the crap she gave me? Nahhh, I wont me writting about her again, I needed to get this off my chest, so here it is, we all do it dont we?

you were my only block , lol, it off...I dontlike blocking do you???

Wrong again, Jilly!  It's not been deleted, it's all still there.

Do NOT ever address me again...EVER

I'll address  you whenever I please, JillY.  Who died and made you the Chief of Blogster Police?  You gonna sic the 'pentagon people' on me, too?  You might as well, holly and I don't live too far from each other....

Wow Im flattered, I ve made such an impact on you people that you actually post a blog about me...wow do you have any idea what that means? No you probably dont. I truly now see your not as intelligent as I once gave you credit for being...but this makes you look beyound stupid charlie. 

Ive managed to piss off another one of martins little yappy lapdogs...ROFLMAO

Thanks Charlie this was the best laugh of my day. 


"I ve made such an impact on you people that you actually post a blog about me..:

I guess I made some impact on you.  You have me blocked but yet wrote two posts about me in the last two weeks.  

But even you can see the resemblence?  cant you?

IF you will be nice to me, then I will be nice to you.  Thats how it works, but you and I know that due to your racists attitude, I doubt this will never happen. 

But I still think your a little cuttie pattotee.    You have to admit, the little gremlin does look a little like you.

Dont you have a welfare check to go collect? 


1%? thats all? hmmm, guess that kinda blows that shit outta the water, lmao

Yes, but blacks are only like 13% of the population.  However, I do agree that witchie is truly showing her ass tonight.  I'm sure you can handle it, Charlie.  But do try to handle it with a bit of dignity, hmmm?

She gets off on this shit, because of the traffic it brings to her blog, which was previously pretty much ignored.

i went thereonce, asked a question and got blocked, lmao...now Hollys pissed with her too, the woman is......I cant even find the right words....

witchie is always an ass

man, i tired....I really did....

I did too, but she has limited intelligence and that is hard to get past...

Impossible is a better word for it...

Is that why Ethan is working so hard to get away from you Dana?

are you still a moron...?....you don't even know my son...so don't bother trying to get under my skin with you lame remarks about him...remember what I told you...I raised him to leave and support everything he is doing

yep, still a moron...

did we find out who Barb is.....?

haha that was my thoughts .....well did we?

you remember epistling from Mulltiply, she has cancer.

haha that was my thoughts .....well did we?

You find that amusing?



I hope you stay well and safe and no one ever laughs at you


@ethan and christyne I still have no clue who barb is.  I do not think she is real.


 do not EVER BOTHER HER...ever

Who is Barb? are you gonna tell me or is she a delusion?

You went on her post and laughed...Im telling you right now...you do not EVER do that again. GOT IT???


no idea...


I was answering ethansdad up there, I dont know who barb is...

barb is a agl with cancer whos a friend of Jillians, from multiply I'm guessing, and shes right, no one needs o make fun of sick people wih cancer...I've had too many folks i care about deeply die from that evil...


I have never made fun of someone with cancer.  I have no idea who barb is.  I think she is made up.

Hey lady...do NOT start on me!!

If that's a underlaying threat to me...you had best retract that lady........i dont like threats...

I was at no point laughing AT anyone and I find your over the top attack on any one any every one who dare respond on Charlies blog pathetic and uncalled for...DO NOT DRAG ME INTO YOU PATHETIC OUTBURSTS....IF YOU WANT DRAMA GO BACK TO DRAMA SCHOOL or....THE PLAYGROUND

What please is the Internet name of Friend Barb?  I am Cancer Survivor and will be Friend to Her!

surviving cancer takes a lot of courage and faith. Bless you.

Danke.  One Breast was removed, worry about other Breast and spread of Cancer.  If du not wish to speak Barb name outloud here, Ich verhstehen, aber Du canst PM Mich.  I understand but can You PM Me?


I dont know, seriously dont...and I take it I deleted some of your comments on one of my blogs? Which blog was it, i dont remember I even did that....

awesome, good on you!!! Something good may come from this post...

"Look, I'm gonna ask ya to not fight with Martin on my page. I'm tired of it all and just want to post my stuff now. I deleted the last two comments you wrote him, and about 8 that the crazy man left. I understand you dont like him or what ever but I'm really trying to stop the crap on my page...can I ask you please not to do it there, but always feel free to come and write to me about my posts? I cant make the bickering stop everywhere, but I can stop it on my page, ok? Dont get all pissed at me please its not personal or anything other that I just dont want to have to deal with it, just like i blocked whip again cause she continues to jab and poke, I didnt come back to do that shit, i came back to write some posts i want to write....peace..."

I do not know what post it was.  I do not remember but it was OKAY with you that Martin was insulting me by name AND instigated it by talking about me BY NAME. Yet you deleted MY comments to keep the peace with him. I did not call him names and was not insulting.  I was civil. apparently that is not okay. Yet it was perfectly okay even though you claimed to understand why I made the comments:to defend myself. It seems you wanted to spare Martin the reality of his words.  You know like where he blames Sabrina, myself and others for syarting crap with him yet he cannot leave any one alone.  Like his recent post http://www.blogster.com/greatmartin/why-does-my-being-happy-make-you-unhappy where he again attacks SAbrina, trying to bait her to keep the drama he lives for going.  He cannot go a week without attacking someone yet crys "poor me" look at these mean people who will not leave me a lone in spite of the fact that they are.  That is the problem.  If you ignore Martin he must poke to get your attention. The strangest part is he thinks if he does not say the name of the person who he desperately seeks attention from he magically did not bring them up in spite of the fact every damn person on this site, new and old knows exactly who he is talking about.

I find your deletion of my comments to Martin while condoning them insulting to both me and martin as well as a bit Manipulative.

I do not like Martin for my own reasons which I have stated over and over again, Sabrina has her own as do many people here. I defend him when he deserves it in spite of my dislike.

I do not like Djillian for way more reasons than Martin.  Seh is a far more icky person. I find it ironic that you write a post to bash someone yet think it is "bad" if someone bothers anyone else. You choose who people do not like? Again I do  not like Djillian because she is a thieving cow with no life of her own. I have never asked Lw why she doesn't like her specifically but I am sure it has something to do with the crazy threading nature of her personality. I am so sick of her imaginary "Pentagon people" coming to get me.

I find it quite a bit hypocritical.


Well Charlie, her made up cancer person does not exist as far as I am concerned and I would hardly laugh at one.

why do you do this? This could have been done between us...

ok, whatever....thanks for airing OUR laundry....nice touch...

You asked in public...I dont know, seriously dont...and I take it I deleted some of your comments on one of my blogs? Which blog was it, i dont remember I even did that....

well, I was about to pm you about it when I read this...sorry if it offended you



I agree....here ya go....I'll get me some too...{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif}

thank you, I worked hard on those, lmao and the post, wow outta control...lmao

Charlie if you had to live with either of them wouldn't you be "...self absorbed and full of bile at the unhappiness of their own lives, they feel they have to self project their bitterness at others"

I understand she has made a few anti martin/gay remarks on a couple of other blogs again--too bad when I see a notification with her name I just ignore it.

Charlie don't ever put them in my category--they have gay friends (or at least she says she does--she has friends?? That's another blog!)--they are neither gay or lesbian or bi-sexual--they are all yours--nongay or asexual.

shes a fool and a wacko.....

can we invent the term FACKO ?....or would you rather just stick with cunt?

lmao, you have such an eloquent way with words!

oh, lmao, are you referring to the tags? hey dont have anything to do with you, lol, they were to piss her and her cross dressing pedophile husband off...

But don't you have to be smart to get pissed off???? To know what is being said about you?

lmao, apparently so! 

"anti martin/gay remarks"

This little snippet is SO telling about martin I just couldn't let it slide by without comment.

Martin would have us believe that any 'negative' remark about HIM is also a 'negative' remark about 'HOMOSEXUALS.'

Of course, this is not the case.  But the 'homophobe' card plays out just like the 'race' card.  Tired, thin, and damned near worn out.

NEWSFLASH PEOPLE!!!!!  You can dislike greatmartin for any number of reasons that have NOTHING to do with his sexual orientation!

This sort of shit reminds me of Obama supporters crying "racist, racist!" any time someone criticized him or his policies.  Martin cries "homophobe, homophobe!" any time someone takes a disliking to him.

"Anti martin" EQUALS "anti gay?"


I agree Charlie - I actually tried when she first joined Blogster because I am friends with people here who have all kinds of beliefs thoughts different from mine, but as long as we can talk like adults - not school children bullying on a playground or being downright rude, ugly, or racist - we have no problems. Not everyone is capable of that and it speaks loudly about the character of those people.  You just have to ignore them.

Now and then I get off track if I'm having a night I'm bored and want a laugh, but ignoring works pretty well....i really think some people close their page because they don't want anyone to see that no one responds :-)

I have tried and tried, it doesnt work, shes incapible of being able to have an intelligent conversation, amazing really...

exit stage left.....{#arrow_go.gif} Too much crap here for me.  Trying to be a {#angelgirl.gif} Charlie.

no kidding.....

dont you get tired of it Charlie? It's just not worth it.

so tired of it...you have no idea...

been there done that Charlie...so yes, I do have an idea.  Just walk away and ignore..that's what has been working for me.

just did on winnings post, 3 of them rying to gang up with feeble attemts to try and call Obama a socialis, the funny thing is, hes not progressive at all, he so down the center its not even funny. These people are friggin nuts...

did you see the blog last night about the death panel? Apparently Sarah Palin's fear-mongering of death panels has been vindicated...{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

no, should I even boher...its been debunked 50 million times already...

your transvestite friend posted it...lol.  You're probably blocked from his blog so you wont be able to read it anyway.

oh, well, i dont hink I am, i've never tried to ever go on his page, lmao...

it would be interesting to read the comments (if he actually got any..lol) or even laugh worthy...hehehe.

I dont ever want to be seen on his page and give him the satisfaction I was there...its personal with that asshole...hes gone waaaay to far...

Fires posted a blog about you as well, you're such a popular guy Charlie...lol. I think it's in response to your last post....hehehe.

yep, hes says hes going to expose me for the fraud i am, lmao...

There is no cure for stupidity, sad but true, and when you have two people like these, it's actually a special kind of stupid. I'd been blocked by witchie, but at the moment, aren't.......... I visit her posts from time to time, to see what the latest item is putting a bunch in her panties/bloomers, whatever. 

Trying to explain FACTS to close minded people is just a waste of your time. 

there is a cure for it, but illegal in 50 states....

boy howdy, it sure is...

thats just to darn bad....I might have even enjoyed it...

ethansdad, I wonder if she, too, has 2 degrees?!?!?!?

2 degrees of stupid....I've seen both

Seems the village idiot thinks I will be a walk in the park, but you KNOW better huh Skip? Maybe you should pm the village idiot a link or two. How long and how many boards have you watched me beat the cyber hell out of people?

Charlie is next, stick around I promise some great fireworks!

yup, you're a real legend in your own mind.

dickweed you aint got shit...theres NO way you could possibly beat the cyber hell outta me, your going to look even more the fool than you already do, coward.

yep, the real village idiot....

I do want to say this.  It is funny that I came to this article, said nothing about witchie and yet she had to write a post complaining about this article and me in spite of the fact that until now I have not mentioned her....

welcome to the club....

There you are again, Charlie, in the middle of stirring up trouble!

yep, well.....someones gotta do it.....{#mouth-zipped-shut.gif}

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