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Free EKY Now!

Added: Sunday, February 14th 2010 at 10:40am by CharlieAdams

This poll brought to you by Blogster Polls

Should Blogster reinstate EKY right away from his unjust ban?

30 Responses Created by CharlieAdams on February 14, 2010

  • Yes, he didn't deserve it
  • no, he deserves what he got

User Comments

Where can I get a "Free eKy" T shirt?


Eky has been freed!

Let the party begin!

he doesn't deserve this ban. That group is ban happy and loves to give people like EKY grief when ever they can. So much for freedom of speech, and fair play and political correctness with this group. You ban us, block us, bait us and call us names and then when the shoe is on the other foot this is what you do, you should be ashamed with yourself! You KNOW who are!

What happened? Did know that he was! That sucks!

He had an argument with jojo is what I understand, You know, he never gets very nasty, not like them

From what I have seen, he hasn't been that nasty to people...of course, I don't go following on Blogster with all his comments...except now since Adamsworld posted the link. Anyways...hope he comes back soon.

He called Jojo a coward..................since when is that a personal attack?

it's not

so then we all need to write a letter in support ,no??

my thought is they will see this post. We can if you think it's a good idea. I know Rica will read this, she wasn't the mod who banned him as far as I know. To me, that mod needs to get a grip on reality. They say it's ok to call the dems or libs a socialist, which I take great offence to personally, but you cant call them a coward? thats BS. I have been called that 50 times at least from that same group of people. I guess we could all write to team or golfers and complain, which one do you suggest?

I have called people cowards over and over and over again as well as bigot.  I am missing the personal attack on this one.

Am I missing something or is that all this is about?

nope, your not missing anything. Thats it....

Eky has been freed!

no one nastier or with a worse mouth than yours in the entire Blogster world Joey

I've never seen a nastier mouth than yours on any blog I've ever been to. Eky has no need to attempt to demean people like you do. The foul language...that's all you've got Joey..Eky has some smarts!

Eky has been freed!

{#vampire.gif} Even while banned, you still crack me up...{#vampire.gif}

Did ya miss me Joey.....{#angelgirl.gif}

And the one(s) who voted no won't leave a comment--seems like a bunch of people are afraid to face the one who keeps them on their toes!!

yes they are, they are cowards

I seen that before.  I didn't vote because I don't know what he did.

he called jojo a coward, thats it...

Eky has been freed!

WOW!! Someoneblocks him nd then make s a comment to him and Eky gets blocked??/ Something wrong with the blogster systm--why shouldn't he be allowed t answer someone who blocked him if they can still comment to him??

yep, that doesn't make much sense does it?

Eky has been freed!

yes you did, 1 with balls..ok

Very good, glad you wopuld nto do that to anyone.

and kudos for having the balls to come here and say so!{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif}

Well Joe that's not true and you know it, I recall when you and two others (I won't mention names beyond Joe, ones a sociopath still here) tried to whack me for no reason at all. I want to say however, I don't hold it against you, over the years I've just learned to feel sorry for you.

Eky has been freed!

what did eky do to get banned?  i can't vote one way or the other without knowing the facts....

it seems he and jojo had a disagreement about something and she turned him in for something he said to her. But hey, it's ok to call him a fag or a queer or a socialist, just don't call anyone else names.....

calling someone a socialist is ok but calling someone a fag or queer is totally uncool.  anyone knows what he called her?

no, I don't read her anymore, and I think she has me blocked, at least she used to. I'm sure she was just pissed at him and took offence to something rather simple. It's the way all of this works here. Some gets po'ed and the next thing you know a mountain gets made out of a mole hill. I know EKY and it couldn't have been all that offensive, it was probably 100% true, but hey, people HATE to look in the mirror at themselves!

then he shouldn't have been banned. is this place ban crazy or is it like this all the time?

He called her a coward for blocking him.

Eky has been freed!

Message from a Friend...

"Thanks charlie and all yall. {#grouphug.gif}"

He also said something about whiney ass Nazi F...ers, but we were watching Inglorious Basterds and he could have benn discussing those Nazis, so he could have meant anything.

HERE was the post that got him banned. It excludes the comment he made below Greatmartin's, which was deleted, which said the following...

"71% of those recently polled said she was unqualified.


Sarah is a disaster.



Then comes the comment from jojo, who has James blocked. The rest is there.


hmmm....charlie.  did you go off half cocked and just "forgot" to mention the threatening PM's eky sent jojo?  or did you just "conveniently" omit that  minor little tidbit?

if someone, anyone, sends someone a threatening email....then its definitely grounds for banning.  people have been banned for much less.

if you're going to blog about someone being banned...all the facts should be listed to have any kind of credibility, or does that matter around here?

There were no "threatening PMs" sent to jojo. The whole exchange minus the one comment was on that page.

Side note. Replying to someone you have blocked is forbidden, the entire exchange was a rules violation initially on the part of Drdrjojo...


When you block:

You cannot create a post that DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY attacks another blogger, specially that person you blocked. You cannot bait and pick a fight with the person you blocked on another person's blog.

Therefore, when you are blocked by someone, their attempts to pull you into arguments is a violation as well.

I could give a healthy flip about all that crap.  I don't report or block people.  If you can dish it out, then expect to get it back or don't blog, and that goes for everyone.

And how would YOU know about "threatening PM's" sent to jojo?  Were there any PM's sent at all?  Perhaps the sender doesn't see a PM the same way a receiver does.

I just want to get this straight since I'm catching shit for even commenting here.

He's sitting in the room with me, and is my boyfriend. That is how I know there were no "threatening PMs" sent to anyone.

whatever.  i asked if there were any PM's sent, threatening or otherwise. 


ok.  cause i'm being told that there was.  so..your story is that bottom line, you were banned for calling her a coward??

when i say you...i mean eky, adamsworld and/or anyone else representing eky.  just to be clear.

Told by who that there was. Because James/Eky says there were no PMs whatsoever, and that blogster moderator can verify that. It was all about what happened on that one post.

okie dokie.  thanks.  all this name calling, reporting and crap is really a drag on this place...from both sides.

Who or where was it said threatening PM's were sent?

I think it is sad when people feel the need to block and then keep attacking the one they blocked.

how in the world would anyone but jojo and Eky know about PM's? Those are "private messages", so where are YOU coming from? By the way, I have been banned for 30 days for something I said in a PM, "Private message". Which is a really stupid thing to call them if they aren't PRIVATE! So, tell me, how do YOU know about the pm's? Are you one of JOJO's 5 alias's here? Or has she only shared said PM's with her friends, because I certainly have never seen them and do not believe EKY would threaten anyone. That is not his style and to top it off, he's way to smart for that kind of behavior. Be nice when you come to my blog. Or don't come.

it was my misunderstanding .  the threat didn't come in the form of pm's although one was sent despite what you said.

to charlie....first of all, get a grip.  how in the world does anyone know anything?  duh. how did you know the details about ekys banning?  and i've been here a short time but long enough to know nothing is private on blogster.  its the biggest known gossip system on the web and you one of the biggest gossips. 

does jojo have 5 aliases here?  what/who are they?  i'm definitely not one of them...and if you were so astute, you'd have figured that out by now.  and how many do you have or  had?

YOU telling someone to be nice?  thats a hoot.  first of all...your blogs are not, by any stretch of the imagination, somewhere I'd want to spend my time, so don't flatter yourself to even dream that i would.  and i don't believe i've said anything here that could be construed as unkind or rude.  i've clarified any misunderstanding in a civil way, unlike your usual style of high drama and hysterics.

No threat was sent to anyone, and anyone saying such is a liar. Feel free to report that, as the moderator will VERIFY what I am saying.

yeah.  whatever. so you're saying you were banned solely on calling someone a coward?

The moderator has been contacted and asked to verify my side of the story here, they will be doing so today sometime I expect. Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to tell you. This is nothing more than someone who blocked him coaxing someone to argue, then reporting them when they did.

To all concerned and to place this issue/rumors to rest, yes, ekyprogressive was banned for calling somebody a coward. A term that another blogster felt was a direct personal attack on his/her person. Entertaining speculations and interpretations aren't doing much to help either parties. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the rules, you are free to email support@blogster.com, the team or my moderator account for further discussion. 


And you have to be this crude and rude to Charlie for what reason??? Obviously I construed something you said as rude and you have been here a long enough time to know a lot and IMO your answer is not a civil one--even the angry tone comes across.

hmmm...interesting and hard to believe considering the facts.  but...it is what it is.

to greatmartin...LOL!!!!  get over it.  crude???  honey, at your age i'm sure you've seen crude, so your faux indignation is amusing.

He/she/it/whatever, threatened him in the comments that they would have Eky suspended--more than once--read teh comments again.

LOL...i don't have to read anything again.  eky came back as his boyfriend.  like anyone doesn't believe that?  he said he didn't pm jojo at all...thats not true.  so before getting your panties in a wad, perhaps you should know what you're talking about ....ever hear of 2 sides to the story?

And, I suppose, you don't see this--your comment--as rude!

And, yes, I have seen crude, and your comment fits MY definition of being crude.

Glad you are amused--doesn't take much does it???

Now let's see--should I report you for calling me 'honey'??? :O)

The Moderator clairified the situation for people, see above.

He never PM jojo and you are a liar for saying so

WHO said he did? Who, give a name...

To all concerned and to place this issue/rumors to rest, yes, ekyprogressive was banned for calling somebody a coward. A term that another blogster felt was a direct personal attack on his/her person. Entertaining speculations and interpretations aren't doing much to help either parties. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the rules, you are free to email support@blogster.com, the team or my moderator account for further discussion. 

moderator on Monday February 15th 2010 at 11:39am • LinkReply

you can report me for anything your little heart desires...and it wouldn't surprise me a bit.  :)  report away!

yes, i do find your phony indignation very amusing...and you're right. it doesn't take much, just someone like you feigning "sensitivity" and calling me rude and crude.  you're a little long in the tooth to be playing easily offended, aren't you?

And you have been around a little too long to be called a--oh forget it--I just realized who you were---yada, yada, yada

By the way with your snide remark--who have I reported and for what--probably won't answer but that's okay I won't respond to you anymore as I did once before under your other name(s){#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif} Yep,you have only been here for a short time{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

And that's the garbage James has put up with here--seems this 'fox' has a lot to say about something she doesn't know anything about--obviously part of the group that doesn't like eky because he gives facts and backs them up--they don't--don't waste your breathe with the 'p'

If he had been banned for threatening, the moderator would have said so, and you see clearly they did not. WHO said there was threatening messages sent? Who Said it? Where and HOW did they say it?

Looks like someone who has him blocked has been spreading rumors about him to other bloggers. Is that in the rules somewhere? Blocking and then smearing them privately to others with false allegations of terroristic threatening?

tongue out emoticon LOL!  you're SO boring...but i'm sure i'm not the first person to tell you that...and a crybaby whiner too.  if you can't take the heat, little man, get out of the kitchen. laugh smiley

Still waiting to hear WHO, WHERE and HOW this lie was originated....

well grab a drink and get comfortable. we both know that adamsworld/eky pm'd jojo about notifications....so lie your ass off it makes you feel better but there are those of us who know the truth.  end of discussion on the PM matter.

You said eky and You said "threatening". Who is the liar, tell me Jojo....Twisting your story to worm out don't work. Can't save face here.


This is what I sent to jojo,

"Got your last notifcation, and deleted it. Don't care, politics or youre alls squabbles are not my concern, I am a dem, but not into it as much as my bf is. Take it up with him...here for something else."

Not threatening, not rude, and not something to get banned over and point at as if you wasn't telling a whopper....

Someone is telling a whopper, and the moderator will be asked to find out what this "threatening" nonsense is about. They can see your histories, among other things...

LOL...first of all, chill out.  i clarified the threatening PM comment if you calmed down and read stuff before freaking out and making a fool of yourself.

Secondly...if you can't tell I'm not jojo...then you haven't been paying attention or just not real bright. You can push jojo's buttons, you can't push mine.  I have no desire to hang out here...its a viper pit full of broken needy people who have nothing better to do with their lives than fight, fuss and feed a pathetic hungry ego.

We both know who the liar is...but I won't belabor the point.  You have to live with yourself and "impress" your fellow broken friends...I don't. 

Blogster is wasted on too many pathetic, self righteous, hypocritical  & empty people.  what a shame.  but i guess misery loves company and you have plenty of it here. 

later tater. :)


LOL...who's a liar???  thought you didn't send any PM's?  hmmm?  read the previous comments...i cleared up the "threatening" pm's.  it was a misunderstanding.

Seems like the ones with ego issues are the ones who run to daddy when their little feelings get hurt. And that message came from me, not eky, if it had "blockworthy" material, wouldn't I be the one blocked?

And how did you get the clairification that the PMs weren't "threatening" did you just assume they were and went back on it, did someone who you still refuse to NAME tell you so, or are you jojo. Answer that.

You can tell me anytime how you know. I already have a good Idea though, don't I "jojo", since A. No one has logged into the Drdrjojo account in 2 days, so you couldn't have learned or heard this PM stuff from her. And since you self admittingly haven't been here very long, it sure makes the possibility of becoming "phone buddies" already a bit unlikely.

BTW. Noticed you suddenly deleted, oh, everything you had. Doesn't have anything to do with me pressing to know who made those allegations or telling you the team can view your histories where we cannot does it?

it's not jojo, more like whip


besides, jojo has like 5 accounts


A friend of mine got banned from this site and he sent an e-mail to ask why, but so far no reply as to why?  And that was a few weeks ago!  It's discretionary i guess. Oh, and I voted yes.

thanks, and thanks for dropping by. Who was it that got banned if you don't mind my asking?

Hello Barnoni, Kindly inform your friend to email blogstermoderator@gmail.com his account username and when this happened.

Eky has been freed!

Two old adage comments - If you can't stand the heat - stay out of the kitchen - keep it civil and impersonal. What's good for the "conservatives" is good for the "progressives" - same rules apply to everyone. I did not think it to be anything worth being banned over - but, someone sure got upset...

Yes, the 'conservative who blocked Eky and then commented to him which isn't against the rules but since he was blocked he couldn't respond to him/her or whatever so he called her/him a coward for commenting knowing he couldn't repsond!

All he did was say she was a coward for blocking him.

Eky has been freed!

I haven't read up on the hundreds of new rules at this blog site. Am I allowed to respond to someone who has me blocked if they comment on someone else's post? Can I comment to them, say...on THIS post perhaps? If not, then what a bunch of scaredy cats...they block you and then can run around saying what ever they please and you can't comment to them? Can someone let me know please?

This is what the moderator of this site posted regarding blocking and replying to each other.


Thanks...since I have no one blocked, seems like I'm pretty free to do as I please then.

the answer is yes. The block only applies to the site in which the block is intended. Otherwise you can comment back and forth. And yes, it is cowardly to block someone then talk about them or to agitate them and then turn them in like this. But some of these people in this particular group are very good at baiting, but not crossing the line themselves. That again is cowardly in my book.

Eky has been freed!

I didn't vote because there was no "I have no idea what is going on" option. I think we all kind of understand the ever changing, does not necessarily apply to everyone, no one really even has any idea what the rules are rules. :) OK so really no one knows what the "rules" are because they change from day to day but common sense would dictate, if someone is getting way to heated, take a day off or two or forever off before you comment back to them. Eky has been here before and will most likely be here again. Bummer when anyone gets banned. I really think blogster should be 'no rules at all' except for creepy stalking sending weird porn type messages banning. Everyone has the option to delete or not reply to comments they don't like. And or block the person from visiting their page. We are all pretending to be adults here, so you would think we could act like it... but sadly we don't seem to be able to.

I still say no rules at all, blog at your own risk (less weird porn creepy stalking emails) but pretty much blocking stops those anyway.


I agree too. He got banned for calling jojo a coward. Of course he is a gay man and gets called much worse here than that. It's just a shame the moderator didn't tell jojo to just let it go. The mod is as much at fault on this as anyone.

Eky has been freed!

Wonderful!!!! {#apploud.gif}

I just read the thread where it all happened....the mods should have taken everything into account....suspend them all or leave them to sort it out. Reporting someone for calling you a coward???....I dont think there would be too many people left here if EVERYONE reported abuse every time someone got called something. Cant win an argument?...report the bastard/bitch. Is that what the mods want? They'll surely be kept too busy to do anything else if that happens. It is ridiculous, get a grip!!

The rule is for excessive, waaaaaay over the top abuse that should lead to permanent suspension...not trivial little things like being called a coward. Eky has been on the receiving end of far, far worse....did he report any of them?

I think people need to grow the hell up!!!


I reaslly agree with you here all he did was call her a coward.  If that is all it takes every one will be banned.

Would you canre to write a complaint letter?  I will too

I thought about it holly, but emotional little me is too pissed off right now to make any sense....I will draft one later on today and send it to the mods.

this post is my complaint letter. The entire thing is stupid and the mod should be reprimanded for the ban, it is unwarranted.

WOW!!! Eky is gay???????????????? And to think I thought they used the "F" and "Q" words against him because he was a liberal, democrat, commie, socialist{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

Maria, as soon as I heard about it I sent the moderator an e-mail--I have commented many times on the abuse that Eky has taken here and because he said something to someone who blocked him and then commented on him plus threatened to have him suspended--see his/her/whatever comments on that blog--and he gets suspended???? I think blogster has to look over their rules again!!

Eky has been freed!

Okay guys here comes the level headed..to some...moderate republican!!!  Look, I was comming on that blog and stopped because I thought it was getting a bit to heavy!!  People were starting to take it a bit to serious.

Now, I was going to put up a post called stuck on stupid 2....where I asked liberals why they let the right put out such nonsense and never respond in a firm aggressive way.  Well I have seen several people banned at this site, and maybe I now know why!!

I am banned by 1 person...they did it my first day here....and several have told me not to visit there sites if I am unwilling to accept everything they say!!  My advise to all.....let people like that sit and drown in their own ignorance...you won't get through to them anyway!!

it reminds me of a popular book a lot of them have read, "Arguing With Idiots", they don't even see themselves there, now do they?

Winning, why don't we respond??? look at some of the slurs, rants and put downs when a liberal does answer a conservative/republican/right winger (I really DON'T know the difference!) and is one reason I read and comment on your blogs as you are always civil even if you disagree.

A lot of republicans just hurl out rude/crude comments when democrats comment on their blogs

Just look at patchuwhatever's comments--those are typical comments from a group of about 10 on blogster--the majority female who parrot each other--they don't look at facts--take what 'their kind' say as the truth and call anyone/everyone who doesn't agree with them names--that's why we don't respond and why I respect Eky so much--he has the patience to deal with these children no matter what they throw at him!

Eky has been freed!

You guys are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}

you can either have fun with it or...well it's all you can do! Not only is he free, but there will be NO moderation for 30 days.....this is how it was when I joined and it is much better. All this stuff ever did was to create a way a pissed off person could get back at another. Really stupid. If you have mods, then it up to the mods to read the posts and without even a complaint being sent in, put a stop to it. This entire thing was a feather in her cap, they have been trying to get EKY banned for almost a year. Hmm, guess it kinds backfired a bit on them.....Like my fishing buddy used to say, "Give 'em enough rope and they;ll hang them selves", which had nothing to do with fishing but he would say it! lol

Aggressive liberals are scary creatures to some, just like moderate republicans...{#thumbs_up.gif}

Joey is a foul mouth but I won't want to see him banned. This is what freedom of speech is. I'm surprised the Conservatives who are quick to shout Socialism don't see this. I guess they're too busy plotting ways to Gang Bang Sarah. Ooops I may get banned. 

{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}Yep, I couldn't agree more whole heartedly. Dang that was funny!

Eky has been freed!

Gee, I guess I must have missed something here...where do you start?  In any case, I vied yes of course...

this whole thing is a case of over zealous abuse of the rules and a mod who can't figure it out. How any one of that group could turn someone in for name calling, and the name "coward" at that, is ludicrous...

They went over the moderator's head, complaining and threatening.

that makes sense to me, they threaten and have threatened Golfers all the time. Saying that the libs get special treatment, well, all the libs have been banned at least once as far as I can tell.....how about the conservatives? Hmmm...personally, I don't see the fairness in this at all, but because we,"the Libs" don't threaten with lawyers and law suits they don't get banned. This is one of the most stupid and idiotic abuses of the entire system I have ever seen. It is down right school yard.

I am more stunned by the "after-smear" attempt in saying that threatening pms or whatever were sent. Fortunately I had the moderator clairify that here. But I am sure most of "them" think that is what happened, rather than the truth, which is here for everyone to see.

Yes, calling someone anything is "uncalled for", but trying to "trump up" the charges in front of people to smear and NOT look like the name you were called, then getting busted for that, doesn't exacly help dismiss said allegations.


I'd be laughing, but this has me pretty pissed off. It's abuse pure and simple and I'm sure they are having a good laugh that they finally "got" EKY. They don't care about the truth, they never have never will.

You are not the only one mad about this. If minds don't change, every time someone who has blocked him replies to him, they will be reported, every time a liberal is called a socialist or marxist or communist, it will be reported, every personal attack (which he has historically just taken and "moved on") will be reported.

In short, turn about is fair play, and the worst offenders will find themselves back at gretawire.

exactly the way I feel about it. Every time I see it.

Eky has been freed!

I concur...if hater Joe is still here.  There is no reason EKY should be banned.

Eky has been freed!

I feel bad for eky...not really his nature to be mean to anyone...don't know what the fight was over but it's their Blogster and they can do what they like. We just blog here.

Eky has been freed!

I don't see how calling somebody a coward should be punished! This has moved to pure censorship! Eky, as long as I have been reading him on this blog site and on Greasy, has always been civil and courteous when speaking his mind. However, he doesn't allow people to step on him, and that pisses off A LOT of folks.

Count me as a YES vote on this one.

Where can I get a FREE EKY t-shirt?

Eky has been freed!

I've written this many times, but not for a while.  I's common sense.  You don't get respect unless you give it.

I don't believe common sense was used in this case. At this point I have very little respect for the Mod who enforced this ban. The next thing you know you'll get banned for saying "doo doo head".

this isn't the military for one thing Brian. This is a case of pure BS, hey, they're your friends. They even lied about the PM's. I have no respect for any of them right now when they come and hit the "no" button just to be jerks....if you were banned for this I would be on your side too.

This is rediculous, totally.  He called someone a coward................

Now they are saying he threatened them privately, even though the moderator when asked to clairify this clearly stated that it was ALL about calling them a coward.

someone who has him blocked, and replied to him first no less.

And with this. Blogster has lost it's credibility atleast in my eyes to hold certain blogster accounts from obvious illegitimate complaints. Hmmm, sigh. A shame.  Hope EKY gets unbanned shortly.


Blogster never had any credibility, they're just a forum. I hope they don't ban me for this comment, we'll see.

Eky has been freed!

My genitals dropped to the floor and became excited as they came back up. Brilliant.


I read once on a site about poor charting practices of nurses, that one wrote in the chart (legal document now): "Patient fell back and eyes rolled around the room"

Just made me think of that, bad charting with great imagry makes me chuckle...The nerd in me I guess.

As all of you know Eky and I don't usually agree on anything but I don't like to see anyone banned for free speech. Hey, Eky and Micheal Savage have something in common now. Whoda thunk? I don't do personal attacks and I don't like to receive them either.

Thank you all so much.

Oh, I voted no, he can be such a prick....{#rofl.gif}

yeah and he's gay too!!!!

Charlie does the new blog from the team mean I can call Eky nongay and not get suspended????   LOL

You wouldn't dare!{#apprehensive.gif} {#flag.gif}

Oh you, you, you BREEDER!!!!{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

doodie head...{#blower2.gif}

poo poo's!

M*&F diver!!!!{#boxing.gif}

stinkey head!!!!{#crying.gif}

Oh you straight men--now that's an insult!!!{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

I am so glad you are back bubby!!! Lets Celebrate!!! {#cool.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#cool.gif}

oh darn.... now what do i do with my free eky shirt?


I'll buy it Rica, it should be a collector's item!


{#pink_glow_nah.gif} If it had Eky's name on it, it would be worth a lot

Eky's gay {#side.gif}      j/k      {#flag.gif} {#flag.gif} {#flag.gif}

I am happy he is back.

we all are, it's not the same place without him!

I am so happy your back bubby!!! {#cool.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#drinking33.gif} {#cool.gif} Lets Celebrate!

I'm glad you finally found your password for here after 3 years...LOL. Love the picture of Trouble, has the 'Whhhhaaaattttt?! expression...

I know I love it lol she looks so opinionated lol

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