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Solutions to Poor Cell Phone Reception

Added: Monday, December 5th 2016 at 5:25am by cellphoneboosterstore

A signal booster is for the people who are facing signal problem and are used to provide network coverage solution in large areas like factories, business firms, fields, halls etc. They are also considered as an ideal solution for problems faced by the users like call drops, voice breakage and other call clarity problems despite of full coverage.

A Signal Booster is used to bring the signal from outside the metal building to an amplifier and rebroadcast it inside via the coverage antenna. Therefore they allow full communication with the cellular carrier. They also work well for increasing data speeds. Depending on the size of the inside area of your building, we have systems to cover most of the areas. You will also need todetermine which carrier(s) you need to bring to the inside of your building. 

Different Types OF Solution:

There are two options when it comes to large building signal solutions:

·         3G only: In this solution the signal booster is performed only for 3G signal that includes voice and 3G data. If you choose your need only for voice only and not so much for high speed data signal, then this is the right and best solution for your application. It is very economical but cannot be used as 4G boosts.

·         3G&4G: This signal solution can be used for both to boost cell phone signal for both 3G&4G voice and data. They are not so economical as compared to 3G but an effective solution to boost both generations.


With the demand for cell phones are increasing, the boosters need to be engineered to accommodate the anticipated signal strength. As many of the cell phones that are potentially used for many purposes, it is imperative that the signal boosters should be designed and provisioned to meet these signal strength users expect.

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