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The Media Is Missing the Republicans’ Supreme Court Power Grab—Again

Added: Thursday, September 24th 2020 at 8:28pm by ceilede
Related Tags: senate, supreme court, power

The Media Is Missing the Republicans’ Supreme Court Power Grab—Again

McConnell and Co. are playing as dirty a game as possible in their quest to fill Ginsburg’s seat before the election, but you won’t find that story in most news coverage.

User Comments

Don't see how McConnell thinks he has the power to push the pick through after Jan 3th if the democrats manage to get more senate seats, which hopefully we will, especially McConnell's spot which is long overdue for a replacement, along with that other man without a spine or a moral sense Lindsay Graham.

The whole point of the nomination is to complete a takeover of the federal courts and insure a vote in Comrade Drumpf's favor should the election results need to go to the Supreme Court a la Bush v. Gore. And that needs to occur before the election.

I think greatmartin below might just have the answer.

Absolutely! Only 60% of registered voters bothered to vote in 2016. And looked what happened!!

Which is why Democrats have to get out and vote and take over Congress---they can then have as many justices as they want and get in the majority! Not likely but possible!!


The majority of the US consider themselves to be progressive. The power elite, however, even though a minority, are conservatives who have sought to combine church and state to end the culture war by throwing the country back into a dystopian country where a theocracy ruled by a corrupt dictator exists as a satellite state to Russia. This is so much more than Democratic vs. Republican. 

The Republican Party is dead and citizens better figure out how to work together before they find themselves become quislings.

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