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St. Mirren September 15

Added: Tuesday, September 15th 2020 at 9:30pm by ceilede

Saint Mirren   September 15

Saint Mirren (Mirin) (d. 620) An Irish abbot who came to Scotland and founded the first church of Paisley. The island of Inchmurrin in Loch Lomond is named after him. He is the Patron Saint of Paisley. His feast day is September 15.

St Mirin was a disciple of St Comgall, from the monastery of Bangor in Co Down, and contemporary of St Columba. He laboured in the area of Paisley, Glasgow and founded a monastery there. There may have already been a Christian settlement there since Roman times – just as there may have been at Old Kilpatrick (Church of St Patrick). He also founded a monastery on the island of Great Cumbrae in the mouth of the Clyde and planted another on Inchmurrin on Lough Lomond.

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