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Saint Andrew's Day – November 30, 2019

Added: Saturday, November 30th 2019 at 6:10pm by ceilede

What is Saint Andrew’s Day?

Saint Andrew’s Day, celebrated on November 30 each year, is considered a national holiday in Scotland and across Europe. Known as the patron saint of Scotland, Romania, Greece, and many more European countries, Saint Andrew was an apostle who not only introduced his brother, Peter, to Jesus, but also helped Scottish King Oengus I win a crucial battle against Northumberland, securing Scotland’s safety. Saint Andrew died a martyr and was crucified on a saltire, or an “X” shaped cross, in Greece in 60 AD.

History of Saint Andrew’s Day

Quite simply, Saint Andrew, an apostle of Jesus, is the patron saint of Scotland. Thus, Scots have celebrated Andrew for over a thousand years, with feasts being held in his honour as far back as the year 1000 AD. However, it wasn’t until 1320, when Scotland declared independence, that he officially became Scotland’s patron saint. Since then Andrew has become part of the country. The flag of Scotland, the St Andrew’s Cross, was chosen in his honor. Also, the ancient town of St Andrews was named due to its claim of being his final resting place.

But why is he so important to Scotland?

The New Testament refers to Andrew as being with Jesus on some very momentous occasions. For example, Andrew told Jesus about the boy with the loaves and fishes, and when Philip wanted to tell Jesus about certain Greeks seeking Him, he told Andrew first. Andrew was present at the Last Supper; he was also one of the four disciples who came to Jesus on the Mount of Olives to ask about the signs of Jesus’ return at the “end of the age.”

Oddly enough — America plays a role in Saint Andrew’s Day. A group of wealthy Scottish immigrants created the “St Andrew’s Society of Charleston” in South Carolina back in 1729. The organization’s actually the oldest Scottish society of its type in the world. It became famous throughout the region for assisting orphans and widows. Also, “The St Andrew’s Society of the State of New York” is the oldest charity of any kind registered in the state. Local Scotsmen, who were looking to help the poor and distressed, founded the group in 1756. From there, St Andrew’s societies have spread around the world.

St Andrew’s Day now ranks as one of three major dates during the winter period. Starting off Scotland’s Winter Festival each year on November 30, people across the country gather together to celebrate Andrew and share good times. The day is usually marked with a celebration of Scottish culture, including dancing, music, food and drink, with parties going on until the early morning hours.





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