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Happy St. Adwen's Day!

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 5:30pm by ceilede

Saint Adwen or Adwenna was a 5th-century Christian virgin and saint. She is recorded as a daughter of Brychan, king of Brycheiniog in south Wales,

in the Cornish Life of Saint Nectan and in Robert Hunt's collection of Cornish legends. These sources associate her with the establishment of the parish of Advent in Cornwall. The saint's original feast day is unknown. In Cornwall, Adwen was traditionally the patron saint of sweethearts and so her feast day is currently celebrated in February 14.


Advent is a small rural church dedicated to St Adwena, the Cornish Valentine, patron saint of lovers and is situated down a narrow drive from the hamlet of Tresinney. Many people visit the peaceful 13th century building because it is sited at the crossing of a number of public footpaths enjoyed both by locals and visitors to the area. 


There is a regular monthly service of Holy Communion on the second Sunday and special services through the year. On Wednesday mornings at 9am Morning Prayer is said.


Visitors are always welcome, whether they are just calling in as they walk through the peaceful moorland or attending one of the services.


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