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Why Facebook kinda sucks

Added: Thursday, April 19th 2012 at 11:22am by bunnylove
Related Tags: facebook, kids, internet

    So I had to "deactivate" my face book account,due to my stalker. Face book is by far the worse social network. People come up from your past to harass you. Kids go on there to bully other kids or break up with their partners. Your cool level is measured by how many friends you have. But out of those 3000 friends you probably really know only 10. How many pictures can you take of your self, even guys get all pretty for the camera. This generation is vain and down right mean. I remember when people would actually talk to each other face to face and take pictures of things that matter. Our technology is destroying human contact I miss letters and pictures that you could touch. Let me know your views on Face Book.

User Comments

I've had an account there for 3-4 years.  I would sometimes go weeks at a time without going there, and then just to scan through to see what family was up to.

I have my computer on pretty much every hour that I'm awake.  I have health issues, don't get out much, and don't do a whole lot, due to extreme fatigue. Nowadays, I open facebook in the morning, don't close it til I go to bed.  My big niece fled Florida last year with her three kids, to get away from an abusive stalking husband, and now lives 1000 miles away.  So we use FB chat nearly everyday, usually a couple times a day to keep in touch.  It's been great for that.  It's also been fun to chat with a few of my online friends who live a long ways away, even in other countries.  Also chat with my brother from time to time.

The downside, niece's husband managed to hack into her facebook account awhile back.  Left some threatening messages to her and her new boyfriend.  She set up a new account under a totally different name.  We have concluded in the past day or two, he's somehow accessing her account again.  A friend of hers and mine received a friend request from him a couple days ago.  Another friend set up an account in a totally different name, strictly to use for communicating with niece.  He just received a friend request from her ex, too, last night.  Since she blocked him the minute she set up the new account, we're not sure how he's doing it.  But he's got to be accessing it somehow.

I like the anonymous thing like here on Blogster. I'm not convinced posting pictures of me here is a good idea, but I try to keep the identifible details down.

That is why I am a bunny Brad lol you have no idea who I am lol

You mean you might not be a lop-eared bunny?

i made a new social network called clickster and its much better so u should join


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