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Rain Cloud

Added: Thursday, April 26th 2012 at 9:03am by bunnylove
Category: About Me > About Me > Family
Related Tags: rain, family life, weather

There actual rain clouds in Az,if you live here you know what I mean. Last few days we have been hitting triple digits. But the high for today is 82 and its windy :) my daughter and I are going to run wild :)) I don't think it will rain because it never rains here. But I want to enjoy the weather.

User Comments

id go crazy. thanks for letting me know not to go to az. lol

My wife and I rode a motorcycle through Arizona when the Temp was 113, the best I can remember. We luckily made an unscheduled stop in Las Cruces, for my wife was dehydrated and could have fallen off. A large Gatorade took care of the problem. We were and still are from NC.

dang. thats one reason me and heat above 97 dont get along. lol

Lol hey Az is a kinda good place to live if you just ignore the corrupt legal system and the hate against Hispanics. We don't get tornado's but we do get dust storms we have like no humidity so your hair will stay in place.

lol. i wasnt downing az, just im not one who likes the heat. i LOVE winter but then i miss out on my water sports. but the humidity down here is just straight crazy. lol. i think we have gills down here. :P

Personally I admire The Az. Governor and Arpaio for standing up against Obama and his corrup Gov't. The average legal Hispanic doesn't want the borders open for Dope & criminals to come, some to collect the free welfare and Healthcare. I like Sheriff Arpaio.

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