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Added: Tuesday, April 24th 2012 at 8:04pm by bunnylove
Related Tags: fitness, health

I did P90X and OMG I hurt but I feel good like jello lol

User Comments

lol. go do the insanity work out. talk about sore.

but from what i hear the p90x is better.

I've been a member on bodybuilding.com for years (though the site sucks since they changed the format) and many people report great results (transformations) through that program. If you do the work, you will get results, but remember diet is key to fat loss and prevention, so even that program includes diet info.

I'm pretty sore from the work out my legs feel like jelly. I am trying to find diet recipes that I can make.

i never really followed a set diet. just continued to eat what i normally eat wich is fried foods living in the south. i find just from getting up and not just sitting around all day made me get into shape.

Lol when you get older that will not work. I'm not extremely over weight and I love fried food. But I perfer to home cook everything. Anti fast food

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