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China tungsten downstream processing development will enhance the corporate value of tungsten

Added: Monday, May 31st 2021 at 12:26am by branthamil

Tungsten is China scarce and irreplaceable strategic resources , we expect to improve industry concentration , mandatory production plans and export policies will effectively control the supply of tungsten , 2013 - 2015 compound annual growth rate of tungsten concentrate production was 2 %. In our opinion, metal cutting tools , and development of oil / shale gas industry will continue to drive growth in the consumption of tungsten ; 2013-2015 China tungsten demand growth of 5% .

High-end equipment manufacturing will push tungsten downstream processing industries. dth drill bits High-end equipment manufacturing was listed as one of the big seven strategic emerging industries China , likely to be the next 5-10 years and the rapid development of the national policy support . According to China Association 2011-2015 tool development goals , domestic and efficient tool from a 15% market share in 2010 to upgrade to 2015 to 30% -40 %, which means to increase domestic demand for space efficient tool 60-100 billion ; expects domestic leading tungsten carbide deep-processing enterprises will usher in development opportunities.

Global leader in the development of carbide cutting tools two inspirations: ( 1 ) continued development of new products will help the company to maintain high gross margins ; ( 2 ) can enhance the company's overseas expansion of market share , maintain its leading position in the industry . We think that the biggest difference between Water Well Drilling the Thread drill bits domestic manufacturers of carbide with overseas business model is that the overall tooling solutions and ability to meet special needs . We believe that with the domestic companies continue to invest in new product development , the development of space tungsten processing industry is broad.


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