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Outbreak Of Democracy In The US Senate

Added: Saturday, October 19th 2013 at 12:37pm by boggart-eft

I usually write my own stuff, either off the top of my head or by putting my own perspective to a topical news story.

For once however I think it is appropriate to bring you this, seen on Pakalert. It is a story you all need to hear or read abour but are not likely to learn anything of via mainstream media.

On Sept. 25, with the full support of President Barack Hussein Obama, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, signed the U.N. Arms Treaty without the consent of the U.S. Senate.  Despite Kerry's signanture , the gun restrictions Kerry the President and his Secretary of Stateathinks America “needs” is beconot likely to become law.

Today, 49 U.S. Senators boldly told President Barack Hussein Obama that they refuse to approve the treaty. The proposed UN regulations conflict with the US constitution the Senators say. It would also appear that Obama and Kerry overreached their authority.

full story from Pakalert :

Here's a quick taster ...

Article 2, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution requires 2/3 of the Senate to give their affirmative “advice and consent” before any treaty can be approved by the Senate and ratified by the President.

Here’s the scathing letter 49 legislators sent the President today.  Check the document and see if your senator respects your Second Amendment rights .

The members of Congress who affixed their names to the letter said they oppose making Americans register their weapons and equally stand against any foreign power having veto powers concerning internal American affairs.

They also reject giving any international commission the right to regulate the sale and ownership of American munitions.

Read more at Pakalertpress.com



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User Comments

I myself think its about we kicked the U.N. out of this country.

The UN was afine as a distributor of help to nations in trouble. When someone started to think that only people from begging bowl nations could run the UN and wealthy nations had no right to argue, that was the right time to wind it up.

That will not happen if at all seeing that the wording United Nations was thought up by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942 when the League Of Nations that was put into place after World War 1 to end World Wars failed to stop World War 2 happening.


Your President along with Churchill and USSR Maxim Litvinov along with China's T. V. Soong signed a piece of paper declaring what is now known as the United Nations open for business and to come into affect in 1945.

Not only that they built the headquarters in America so its now part of your culture as Apple Pie is.

In fact the first blueprint was put in place in Washington in 1944.

So your stuck with it like the rest of us are.


As Ian says below the UN  is fine as a distributors to nations in trouble famine droughts and for being a buffer zone between troubled nations As some one who has worked in that capacity in the past I can testify to how well they do this which is only to be expected with all the nations who are signed on having some of the best resources and brains to do just that. However its now 60 odd years old and is in need of a radical make over.

seems too many of our so-called "leadership" is all to eager to write off our Constitution.

i took an oath many times (none of which were preceded by a recission) to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution. the UN is not my consciousness. they can kiss my @$$ as can the majority of our own congress. and that rat bastard in the big seat.

outside that . . my respect has seriously deminished.

From my side of the ocean there does appear to be a lot of resistance in washington to the US Constitution.

It's a shame that I'm surprised by this but I am. I was afraid since Obama had it hard wired in the Senate with Kerry signing it under so much loud opposition. The U.N. should be stripped of all but communication protocol functions.

I have not gone out there yet. Am going to in a bit. Have to run someplace then will be back to read.

However my comment up front?   This country is going to hell in a straw basket and Obama is there to light the torch....Someone need to put a torch to him.

I think I will go to Canada.

Obama has hated of American and European culture hardwired in his brain . I guess it happened in that Indonesian Madrasa when he was a kid.

Emma, we have some wonderful polaces to vitit in Britain {#wink.gif}

Can I come with you Emm, I am a bit pissed of with my country at the moment.


I love Canada. However after reading a bit more from some who live there I would be cautionary about one thing and that is the Islamanization of this beautiful country.(Is that a word? I make some up from time to time) The Muslims are everywhere but they seem to be spreading faster then rabbits breeding in both Canada and Europe.

What about Germany?  I have a friend who has been there for 13 years and is in love with it. Married a man in service, has two kids and just comes to America now to visit.

Majorgray  you can come anywhere with me!  :o))

I could settle in Canada, I have had quite a few holidays over there and I aways said that when I retired that I would try to go there permanently. except of course the Canadian Government had changed the rules when I looked into it ten years ago.

It now turns out that they will not accept any British person who has retired to live there permanently. I did come up with a plan to buy a small home on Vancouver Island and live there for six months at a time and then move over the border to Seattle for a few months renting and then go back to Britain to visit for the rest of the year and then come back. But then we had the grandchildren and I would miss them to much.

I did try to get my daughter to go and live there permanently and get citizenship and then we could have come over as we would have had a daughter who was then Canadian. However if she ever does leave the country she would not choose Canada she would choose Australia.

Germany is quite nice in quite a few places but even there they have the same problems with our friends.

Emm, I think my wife would have a problem with that {#basic-laugh.gif}

MajorGray...:o))  I am sure  your wife would...I was just foolin!

Canada has gotten more strict of course I do not blame them. I spent my youth in Canada going to school at the Academy for music and dance. I loved it. I bonded with Canada. Than there was the cottage Mom and Dad had in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada which I spent my summer vacations.  It was not that difficult to enter at that time. Now one needs a passport.

After I moved back to the States I lived in an apt building a friend of mine managed and I would travel back and forth as I worked in the States. I don't know if you can do that now. We should be that strict in the states we would not be having the illegal immigration problems we have now.

 Emm, I can holiday in your country for six months without having a permit and the same in Canada. So its actually possible to rent property in both country's and travel back and forth when necessary.


As an American you can still do what you used to do I think they have the same agreement  that we have with the Irish that live in the Southern part of Ireland they can come and go as they please and its the same with the Canadians like we British we can travel to Southern Ireland without a passport's

For Americans going into Canada across the Bridge or tunnell we need a passport. And this is just to get in Canada. the last time I visited my cousin I wanted to go to Kingsville,Ontario and I needed a passport which I did not have.

Blinking heck when did they alter that rule? at one time you could just cross the border by showing your driving licence.

Major I know. My cousin lives across the river in Michigan. Where I am from. My Dad used to go across to Windsor and buy his insulin. It was cheaper. We also used to bring over a lot of Pemeale bacon have no idea how to spell that but you know what I mean)...Delicious bacon. So when we went to the cottage throughout my years growing up just had to show drivers licence. When I visited my cousins in Mich I wanted to take a little trip out to Kingsville Ontario, Canada and did not have a passport to go across.

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