A lot of nerdy types have been getting very excited about the self - driving cars being developed by Google. Being nerdy they are not making such a fuss about the decent looking rides being developed by the likes of Mrecedes Benz, General Motors and Toyota. No, it's the Google wankermobile that turns them on.

This is illustrative of the nerd mindset because Google's self driving car is ........ shall we say somewhat less than a babe magnet. In fact it looks like the kind of car children might find in a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg.

People trust my UK blogs, Boggart Blog and our friend Little Nicky Machiavelli . That's because we are always right. And we always try to sound a weeny bit humble when we say I told you so. And we have earned that trust because we predicted the Google car would be a joke. As usual the nerd empire got all excited about the technology and forgot the practicalities.

The usual pointy heads got a bit huffy when we mocked Google's much hyped 20mph Toy Story type vehicle the  Google self driving car, or Wankermobile. Oh you are anti - science, you are anti progress, you are anti-road-safety, they said. We're not any of those. My sister Sally has a very high tech BMW, it's fast and runs clean and has lots of gadgets, even a Sat Nav which Sally does not use because she isn't brain dead and can read a map (that's through growing up with three brothers) I'm not against safety but the only two accidents I've had in a forty odd year driving career occurred whem my car was standing still and the ones that hit me we going well under the speed limit. So statistically the faster I'm going the safer I am.

And my own Honda Accord Type R is very high tech (and fast) even though its a bit long in the tooth. They're not available anymore so I'm not changing it.

As for the science bit, well let's have the latest on the Google Wankermobile. Things are not going well we hear. As usual then, those semi autistic clowns at Google obsessed over the technology and didn't think the practical considerations through properly.

from Auto World News (my emphasis)

Apparently the famous Google self-driving car isn't that close to giving us hands-free transportation after all.

While Google's fleet has safely driven more than 700,000 miles, the autonomous model relies so heavily on maps and detailed data that it can't yet drive itself in 99 percent of the country, according to an MIT Technology Review report.

"The public seems to think that all of the technology issues are solved" with Google's self-driving vehicle, said Steven Shladover, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley's Institute of Transportation Studies. "But that is simply not the case."

Chris Urmson, director of the Google car team, has volunteered details on the car's limits. He hopes the car will be ready by the time his 11-year-old is 16, or old enough to drive in the state of California.

"It's my personal deadline," said Urmson, as quoted by the MIT Review.

The Google car depends on detailed preparations where the car's exact route is mapped out before the trip, a process far more intensive than the effort needed for Google Maps. Weather is also an issue: Google's much-touted self-driving car has never maneuvered snow, and it's not yet safe to drive in heavy rain either.



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