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Cognitive Dissonance, hypocrisy Or Naziism? The Crimea Referendum

Added: Tuesday, March 18th 2014 at 12:33pm by boggart-eft
Related Tags: freedom, hypocrisy, russia, europe

The hypocrisy being shown by the EU’s ruling cliques over the Crimea referendum is gobsmacking.

European Union mouthpieces have characterized the Crimean vote to join Russia as “undemocratic” and "illegal." Their position is gobsmackingly hypocritical to say the least given that the EU ignored the wishes of voters in member nations France and The Netherlands when they rejected the European Constitution which laid the foundation for a Federal Alliance, aka the single European state. The European Union simply re-named the Constitution a revised treaty of incorporation and re-introduced it as the Lisbon Treaty, by - passing the need for referenda in all EU states except Ireland.

And when the Irish had the good sense to vote against this neo Fascist measure that would have transferred almost all sovereign powers of member states to unelected bureaucrats and reduced national assmblies to talking shops with only the power to rubber stamp bureaucrats decisions, the Euronazis told the Irish government that the democratic decision was not acceptable and another refererendum would have to be held.

In the time it took to organise that, the European central Bank and the IMF turned the screws and trashed the Irish economy.

Following Sunday’s Crimean referendum in which people in the Black Sea peninsula voted 97% in favor of becoming part of the Russian federation. Crimea was a semi autonomous part of Ukraine until the coup d'etat sponsored by the EU and USA which deposed a democratically elected government and replaced it with a puppet regime. The EU responded to the result of the democratic process in typical manner by declaring it illegal and slapping sanctions on 21 Russian and Ukrainian officials.

That’s standard operating procedure for the European Union which only believes in democracy when the voters deliver the result the authritarian bureaucrats want; which habitually shows its contepmt for citizens by ignoring popular votes and referendums if it doesn’t like the result, but presumes to pontificate on the legality of the democratic process in non EU nations which it hopes to absorb into its already bloated body corporate.

The USA is not living up to it's reputation for loving freedom and democracy on this one either. A US politician is alleged to have said: "Crimean independence cannot be justified, Crimea is not like Kosovo and the independence vote is illegal."

Now I suspect the actual wording has been edited a little to make a headline, US politicians are usually more verbose. But what gobsmacking hypocrisy we see again.

How does Crimea's demand for independence from Ukraine differ from Kosovo's split from Serbia in the 1990s in any way other than that the Crimeans, guaranteed protection from Ukrainian reprisals by Russia went down the civilized (well civilisedish) route of holding a democratic vote while the Kosovars, guaranteed protection from Serbian reprisals by western bombers went down the uncivilized route of slaughtering ethnic Serbs living within the area they claimed. There's no consistency in saying that the secession of Kosovo and the bloody butchery that accompanied it was fair and the relitavely trouble-free secession of Crimea from Ukraine is unfair.

Apart from that fine example of Orwellian doublethink (cognitive dissonance on a national scale), the west seems more pissed off with Russia for failing to be intimidated by the empty threats of the EU and US leadership. They've made a lot of noise before but failed to back it up.



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User Comments

I don't think it was only the Irish that they did that to, something at the back of my mind is saying they did it with another country as well but for the life of me I cant think which one it was.

Me also thinks that if WE ever get that referendum that we ourselves were promised to say that we dont want to be in this twat of a Union we will have referendum after referrendum until they wear us down and we elect to stay in it.


They've probably shafter other nations the same way but Ireland, being recent and close to home, is a good example.

Obama needs to keep his mouth shut and keep that traitor John Kerry in a room by himself, what a disgrace he is to our military and our country.

President Bush signed the Missile Defense System right before he was to leave office. Obama came in and after he wiped clean his Oval office by giving back the bust of Sir Winston Churchill to England (what a disgrace that was) in the midnight hours he did away with the Missile Defense System signed by President Bush. This was for Poland and other countries to have the ability to defend themselves.  So indirectly or directly as well as I understand politics, in my opinion Obama was a gateway to what is happening in Russia today.

For our administration to claim the vote was not legal they need to look in the mirror at Obama's illegal votes by voter fraud.

I am afraid Putin has seen a weak America along with a weak European Union that has no real leaders who would risk an all out war with Russia and he is taking full advantage of that fact.

Oh they talk fine words of sanctions and they might actually have a few that are on the cards in the near future. Putin will take a look at them and stick his two fingers up and go to bed smiling knowing that is all we are going to do.

This vote was legal to say otherwise is actually quite hypocritical, last year my own country gave the same sort of vote to the Falklands people. It said do you want to remain part of Britain or do you want to be part of Argentina. They voted to remain part of Britain and we rejoiced at that fact. Now we are saying that another country who has done the same thing has done it illegally!!!!! Bollocks, whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Right On Major.  Obama is the most hypocritical person in the world. He is scum and he is a fraud. I cant wait until people find him out and he is behind bars. However, it is wishful thinking.

Obie caved. There's a little Russian enclave on the south east coasat of the Baltic Sea, Kaleningrad. Its the only Russian territory from which an ICBM could reach east coast American cities. When Obama took over from Bush he was set to go ahead and put missiles in Poland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine and the Russians said, "If you do that we might have to think about putting missiles in Kaleningrad. And Bammy got scared and said he'd drop the Missile Defence Plan.

Par for the course really. Obama's an arrested adolescent, he wants everyone to be his friend.

Sanctions on seven Russian individuals? It's a joke. "Top Russian laughs at US sanctions, calls Obama a ‘prankster’ "

Cant wait for the sanctions on the Chelsea owner in our country Ian. The Special One will be running on the pitch again in frustration at not being paid {#cheerleader.gif}

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