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Ladies, are you reading up? AMD VP tells you Geeks are good and how to get one

Added: Friday, September 24th 2010 at 3:34pm by bobski

I just thought I would share this very enlightening link I happened to stumble upon by pure happenstance while I was clearing out spam and other unpleasant things from our warm and cuddily community, since I know absolutely most of you would not have seen it on me Twitter.

It was written by the VP of Marketing Leslie Sobon at AMD, the 2nd largest integrated circuit manufacturer in the entire world.

Get a Geek in Five Easy Lessons

It’s hard to find a good man, but not impossible if you’re willing to make a little effort. Working in high tech, I’m mostly around guys all day. And I can tell you that – in general – technical guys are pretty cool. If nothing else, they will always be able to fix the TV, your PC, and the sprinkler system in a pinch. Yes, they have way too many gadgets, but come on, how many shoes do you have? How about just the black ones?


And by the way ladies, I am still singleeeee tee hee heeeeeeee.

User Comments

Cute!  And you're right technical guys can fix about anything or at least willing to try. 

I wish you much luck in changing that "Single" status to "Taken"!





I've never had anything against geeks! Hubby is a program tester and does everything computer around the house. It's so convenient! Geeks are cool, and you are a cutie! I'm sure there are Geekettes interested {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

Very interesting!

"Geeks" make great faithful companions and are adorable too! 


i agree ^_^

I think in this online environment, bobski, you're preaching to the crowd...  {#basic-laugh.gif}

Had I not already pledged to never be in another relationship as long as I draw breath, I would be e-flirting with you madly.  Geeky and cute?  Why are you single, anyway!  Those Texas girls need to wake up!

lolllllllllll, for shame. i am an awesome e-flirt LOL.

probably because when i do go out i do not talk to anybody unless i already know them.

If I were about 40 years younger I would give u a run for your money! You rock!{#basic-wink.gif}

oh okie, you minx.

If I come back in another life and your still single {#basic-wink.gif} watch out! You will find someone special because good things come to those who wait!

i think it is the heat. hot air carries honky tonk better than cool air.

I don't know if you're the blog site owner. I'm sorry if you aren't and I am bugging you and you aren't but, I have been trying to access my inbox for the past month, and I can't. Initially, I thought it was a glitch that everyone was primarily experiencing. If you can comment any furhter instructions or explain to me what might the problem be with my account, I would highly appreciate it. {#basic-laugh.gif}Thank you very much and God bless. Take care.

- Bri

did you get my email to your email account? i sent it to the one you have on file. once i know you seen it i would like to delete the comment since it is off topic to the post. :)

don't know the number of shoes i have...

Yes I did thank you. It was weird because right after I left you a comment here, I could see my inbox messages again. Maybe you have some magic IDK HAHA thank you very much for your time, Take care :)

Thanks for sharing this with us.

my pleasure.


Are u ever going to fix your Wall? I can't drop by and leave you well wishes:( Wah!

it is not broken, it is just not finished ;)

Well when you get a minute, can u finish it?  {#basic-laugh.gif} I know your a very busy man:)

bobski has magic fingers! {#basic-wink.gif}

oh really? hmm.

Don't be so modest! It's ture:)

lol.... this is why SPAM stuff can be interesting.

Perhaps we could also have a status thingie under the avatar....!

Relationships options [select any of the following]: Single, Taken, Various, Unattached, Detached, Rented, Imaginative, Committed, Consigned....

i read consigned as cosigned all day and lol'd each time.

hahahahahahahahah THAT TOO!!!!

SEE????? it's a good suggestion, yes???? [do i hear a yes?]

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