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Trump Song for Chad

Added: Tuesday, January 12th 2021 at 10:15pm by bluesonrisas

Heyyyy...not sure if this is the song you were referring to when I asked you to pick a song.

Me personally I'd have picked Mercy by Brett Young, but that's just me. 😍

Thanks for picking up, it was a great hour and a half (An hour and a half!!!!!)

You gave me a great amount of reading material to look up. I will do that.

Thanks 💜💜💜 Be well, bw happy.

Quien como tu. Quien????? :)

User Comments

8:30 AM...just pick up 😘

Sweet dreams, btw.

Great song!  But I'm still not convinced that the end is near.

**warden alert** I'm on lockdown, again. 😮😒

I love it!!  I think the same thing as Maggie.  It's not over with yet.

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