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Added: Tuesday, November 26th 2019 at 4:49pm by bluesonrisas

Another easy day at work.

He had told me to go dressed up so that I could tag along with him for a showing. Ok, that happened.

After that we went to a grocery store and bought a dozen turkeys and boxes (bags actually) of dressing along with canned veggies. We dropped them off at the food bank. We went to two different nursing homes and asked the administrator to give us the names of residents that do not have family so therefore would not be getting Christmas gifts.  Between the two homes they gave us the names of 15 residents. His company will sponsor them. He also volunteered to play Santa at one of the homes when the time came for the Christmas party.

He also volunteered us to help serve Thanksgiving meals this Thursday.  Scott and the other brother in law were volunteered for that as well. 

It was a good day. We had lunch with no drinking-liqour that is. 

Looking forward to tomorrow prepping for our Thanksgiving.  So in love with this family. ❤😻❤

Rolling with the flow...



User Comments

Wow!  Who is this generous person?

My brother in law.  He owns his own business and it was a donation through the company.  It wasn't that much really.

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