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Rod Stewart...I Don't Want To Talk About It

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 30th 2019 at 9:29am by bluesonrisas


Carmen and my niece will be baptized tomorrow, so I'm back in Austin for the wknd, we got here yesterday morning.  I brought UT luck, we beat Texas Tech! (hook 'em horns!!) My mother in law, brother in law and his wife came down with us.  We came down in the big van, no sense in all driving down in separate vehicles. 

I reached out to Satan earlier this week to invite her to the baptism.  I lied and said my sister was supposed to call her and I was only calling to make sure she had been called.  Of course she hadn't because I'm sure not even my sister thought to call.  Not sure why I keep chasing this damn woman. Though I guess it didn't end as bad as other times.  I told her if it was to short of a notice or if she didn't have time that at least she could show up to either just the church or the reception.  I also reminded her she could bring her man of the week--not sure why I keep referring to her bf as such, they've been pretty steady.  She's still with the guy whose wife I called to report the affair to.  I told her if she was going to go to the reception I'd be sure to save her a seat at our table.  She said she'd rather sit at Richard's table---of course you would, bitch.  It also turns out that Richard spent the holiday down here with my familyand he did fly in his son and my niece.  I wasn't invited to that...loyalty is lost on my family.  That's ok.  I'll bring this up later next week with la familia. Scott said if I spent the holiday where I wanted to be what does it matter that I wasn't invited....stfu, Scott....he totally misses the point of it.  Anyway, Satan said she'd probably go to both.  I called my sister up and told her that I had told our mother that lie, she was a good sport and called Satan up and apologized for forgetting to make that call.

Headed to the great town of SA later.  I'm not really fond of driving in SA, especially if I have to drive that damn van, but I'd rather do the driving there because Scott drives like an old lady.  For SA traffic one must drive aggressively, or at least keep up with the pace, know what I mean....we're doing the riverwalk, something I've done thousands of times already.  I already feel the need to drink and yeah, at some point I imagine I will.  Life's not hard today, but I can feel the damn anxiety rising.  Cuz, you know, PINCHE family.

The girls are with Mr B....., we're still calling each other by our last names, and I still hate him.  The boys are with Jeremy and his family, not sure what they'll be doing.  I also heard through the family grapevine that Jeremy and his parents were invited to tomorrow's shindig. I hadn't invited him (or the parents) because other then for Matty, he doesn't need to be included in everything that goes on in my children's lives.  But of course Jeremy and Mr B are still great buddies so....nobody asked me if it was ok for him to be invited. 

I'm not all here today...



User Comments

Rod Stewart is one of those lucky guys that still look as hot now, all old, as he did back in the 70's. js

That was sweet of your sister to cover for you.   Did you really call your mom's bf the 'man of the week'?

Yeah, everytime we turn around she has a new bf. (Not a whore, they probably can't stand her after a couple of dates!)

Hope everything went well yesterday. What a precious time for your family. 

It was ok.  Most enjoyed themselves. I think.

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