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Linger...(Cranberries) Mariachi Style

Added: Friday, December 7th 2018 at 6:09am by bluesonrisas
Category: Blogster

I am feelin' fanfkntastic, woke up that way :):)

I woke up lucky too. I stopped at a store, my change was 4 something and I told the guy to give me two scratch offs. I scratch one as I'm walking off and it's a winner! One hundred bucks!! I go back to the cashier and tell him how lucky I am, he said I'm luckier than I thought, it was double that amount. Woohoo!

So...a good start to my day.

I should get a vehicle today. There's strings attached, of course, that's the kinda luck Sara has. I must trade in my now vehicle and it remains in Richard's name 'til the divorce goes through. Fine. Fine and whatever. 

I think I'll treat the big guy to lunch as my way of saying thanks for the car.

It's Friday too!!!!

User Comments

Beautiful cover of a beautiful song.

Congratulations on your windfall.

$200 just like that....I'd be thrilled.  WTG!  {#basic-money-mouth.gif}

Gosh it was your lucky day.  Nice to hear :-)

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