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It's A Sign

Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 5:57pm by bluesonrisas

So I was running errands this morning and I passed by this antique store. I've never been inside but the outside has lots of old like advertisement memorabilia, signs and stuff. Well today they had a McDonald's sign--it was those things with the arrow pointing the way in (or out). It caught my eye. By the time I passed back by, it was calling my name, so I stopped. I took a picture of it and texted it to Scott. I told him it was calling my name and I wanted it, ok. Five minutes later he texts back, he said "sounds good. I heard the McRib is back can you bring me one if it is" wth?

I explained to him it was something the antique store was selling and I wanted it. Of course he asked why the hell would I want it...and he added that I'm always attracted to tacky things. :( Where would I even put it. Well on the patio naturally, certainly not at the end of the drive.

I didn't get it. Not today, if tomorrow it still calls my name I will buy it.

In the sad news dept, my mother in law said she thought it was time for her to go back to her place. Noooo!!!! She can't do that, I like having her here. After much coaxing she agreed to stay on a few more weeks. She said she'd just go home on the wknds and come back on Monday mornings. I told her ok...I mean what could I say. I told Scott though that the kids and I were going with her back to her place on the wknds. He said that was fine (I wasn't asking, but ok.)

Today while talking to my brother in law we were talking about that. I told him that when the time came that she couldn't be alone that I was claiming her. She would come live with us at our place. I said I would fight to keep her with us. He told me not to worry, that when the time came nobody would be fighting me for that burden...WOW. Not a very nice thing to say. Anyway, I love her...I'm keeping her ❤❤



User Comments

Now see, Scott mistaking you thinking you wanted to buy something from McD's and telling you to bring him a McRib, tickled me to the point of literally laughing out loud!!  I'm stupid like that...I laugh at things that probably aren't funny to anyone but me {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Well its good that you and your MIL have such a strong and tight bond.  I'm sure she would love to be with you and the kids the rest of her life.

I guess it was funny, but not so funny he always has food on his mind :(

Yup, I love the woman, what can I say {#heart.gif} {#heart.gif}

Oh my goodness!  I'm so jealous of the relationship you have with your MIL!  Some people just don't appreciate what a treasure they have... but it sounds like you do!

She is an awesome woman, and since the beginning (10 yrs ago) she's always treated me well, even those times when she technically wasn't my mil. I love her and all of this family, they are my people.

I heard the McRib is back can you bring me one if it is

Sounds just like me lol.

He's crazy, he was disappointed when I got home without a McRib. I guess that's why after school he took the boys to McD's.

Reminds me of my 2 Mom-In-Laws.  They were so sweet and loving.  Mom Dunn, stayed with us at times, to give Gary's brother a break.  They're both gone now, but always will remain in my heart.

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