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Happy Tuesday, Not

Added: Tuesday, June 18th 2019 at 9:44am by bluesonrisas

I didn't make it to Houston yesterday, I've been in a mood and I don't feel like going anywhere. HE said we'd go this weekend, we shall see. Speaking of him...I am very upset that he is leaving for this stupid trip. So close to the end of this pregnancy and he's leaving me. The due date is 9/11, but I always (so far) for whatever reason deliver anywhere from 10-16 days early. I don't know that that will happen with Girl3, but what if it does??? He may end up going from airport straight to the hospital--if I were delivering on his return date that is, which falls in that early delivery time range. I think that is part of my miserable mood, I'm not saying everything I want to say to him because it's going to end ugly and I'm going to be told that I'm being unreasonable due to lack of my meds. I fkn hate being told that, even if it MIGHT be true.

Me: If you miss the birth of this baby, you needn't even bother coming home. EVER!
Him: What are you talking about, I live here this is my home you know.

I can't believe he seriously went there. Wow.

Me: Oh really? Well maybe while you're off galavanting around the world I can go to MY HOUSE in Waco, I own one there you know.
Him: Sara.
Me: Go wherever you want. I can deliver alone, it's not as if you're a doctor or do anything useful for me while I'm trying to push your baby out.

Then after saying that my fkn tears betrayed me. He tried to hug me but I wasn't having it.

Me: Get your hands off me, go pack or something.
Him: Sara, please.

So here I am, still on the edge and everybody around me apparently wants to see me go off it.

I've asked my stepmom to make enchiladas for dinner, she's still here for who knows how long. My Dad is here too, he should leave today or tomorrow. My neighbors must think the hired help live with us.



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Hugs wrap around you Sarah.



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