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Dierks Bentley...Come A Little Closer

Added: Tuesday, August 13th 2019 at 6:23pm by bluesonrisas


Scott and I missed Sunday dinner. He's been wining and dining a new client the past week or so. On Saturday they golfed and they made plans for a Sunday dinner....So that's what happened.
He went out and bought me a dress and shoes for the occasion. His choice of course, apparently I pick guys who like dressing me :):):) He actually picked a nice dress, it was a gray off the shoulders type.  I wore the pink pearls....we make a beautiful couple. Richard and I did so as well.
I was presented as his wife, who's obviously due any day.  I guess what the client doesn't know won't hurt them.  I was told beforehand all I had to do was sit there and look pretty and don't speak unless spoken to. Easy enough. 
I had shrimp, or rather there was shrimp on the plate, not really quite sure what I ordered--or what was ordered for me I should say. It was a good meal whatever it was.
Business wasn't discussed.  Really by Sunday he was technically a client, dinner was just part of the game played. 
The following day I got my diamond studs, because I am "amazing" (Scott said that and I agree!)

36M weeks tomorrow 🍼❤🍼

User Comments

*We're not a couple though.

I cannot think of a single time any man has picked out clothing for me, lol.  You must be very beautiful...

I get dressed by husbands all the time. Especially for these types of occasions. More so by Richard, in this world it's all about appearances. And I have said this in blogs before--I may not be very confident about many things in my life, but when it comes to my looks, I don't need to be told I am beautiful, I know it. I focus on that because, hey, that's really all I got going for me...so when my looks go, I'm done.

I'm sure you will be a beauty well into your older years.  But I'm absolutely certain that is not all you've got!

And when I said they dress me, I didn't mean that literally, they only buy the oitfits I'm expected to wear. I guess they don't trust me enough to be both hot and elegant, lol.

I think a lot of men were secretly jealous of their sisters who got to play with Barbies... or have dress-up tea parties, lol.

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