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Maria MaxLiberty

Bob Dylan.....Mr Tambourine Man

Added: Sunday, October 13th 2019 at 12:42pm by bluesonrisas

Early Saturday morning I called up Scott to tell him I was making breakfast for everybody and he had to be here at 8:30.  He bitched because it was only 6:45, oh well, get up.  He asked if I was waking up everybody this early, No, I had invited everybody else the night before.  He said he'd pass.....um, no.  I was having some kind of omelet bar for everybody.  The night before I'd gone out shopping for any and all ingredients that might be needed, plus of course the sides of bacon, sausage, ham and strawberries.  Everybody else was excited to come eat breakfast with me and my mother in law.  I was getting ready to make tortillas as I called Scott.  Anyway, after much bitching he said he'd be here.  As I said, everybody else came.  I ended up making waffles as well, actually my brother in law took over that task once he arrived.  I love cooking for these people, they eat anything I prepare, I am a good cook.
Before Scott left I convinced him to come back over that night so he could spend the night here.  This morning over coffee with his Mom he was telling her that he didn't think her coming back to her place for the weekend was going to work for him because he certainly didn't like sleeping in such an uncomfortable bed.  He likes to complain about anything.  Anyway, I told him that I would think us being newlyweds that he'd want to spend as much time with me that he could. He handed me back my words:

Scott: Yeah, one would think us being third time newlyweds you'd choose to stay at our house with me rather than running to my Mother's house with her.

Tonight my sister in law volunteered to cook Sunday's dinner.  Well, she volunteered her husband to bbq for us.  She asked if I can prepare Mexican rice....so I'll do that, my mother in law is making banana pudding.  I told her since we were going to go eat over at their place that's there's no point in her coming back home tonight just to go back to our place in the morning.  We can just go directly to my house tonight.  I took care of that real quick :):)

Still no arches, no Christmas decorating either.
Nice weather we're having though.



User Comments

The weather has been awesome.  I'm lovin those cool nights.  My a/c is getting a good rest for now.  Its 78° right now but its not bad and the sun is out.

I thought sure you were gonna say that you'd gotten the arches.  I hipe no one else wants them!

That food sounds delicious, mmm mmm!

I'm glad Scott made it to breakfast.  It's funny that he used your words against you. It seems like you have wonderful inlays. Did you get your last marriage annul ed that quickly?

The annulment is not done, Scott and I did not get married through the Catholic church. His family is great, unlike mine.

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