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America...I Need You

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 7:52pm by bluesonrisas

I am just so busy these days.

Scott Jr is very demanding and takes up a lot of my time. Between her and the home schooling that takes up most of my day. I have three kids on one curriculum (same school) and my kid brother who is following the curriculum from his old school. I totally am enjoying doing all that, thanks to the hoax of a virus I'm able to live my once upon a time dream of homeschooling.

Scott Jr...at first I was worried because it appeared she wasn't focusing (eyes). As I've mentioned in blogs, both Will and Carmen have vision problems, Will started with goggles and now wears regular glasses, Carmen wears the goggles. Will wears hearing aides...So I had reason to be concerned about hearing and vision problems again with the new kiddo. Apparently since bith Will and Carmen have different dads we can assume whatever problems they have comes from me. Scott Jr wasn't focusing so I expected the worse...but no, she seems to be fine, for now anyway. I love how she simply stares at me intently when I'm feeding her. When I mentioned this to her Dad he simply said, "She knows you're a yeller she stares at you to not be caught off guard when you lose it." lol, ok, whatever.

I think she'll be ok.

Now...my MiniMe, that would be Gabriella aka Ellie...I had potty trained her early (she turned two last month) in anticipation of Scott Jr's arrival. She was doing fine with it. She would wear training pants during the day and pull ups at night...all until her baby sister came home. Now suddenly I guess because she sees the baby (and Carmen) being changed she's all like----Oh hell no, I'm gonna shit in my panties too...yeah, she refuses to use the potty chair :(:(:( . She'll come to me holding her training pants or pull up and announce to me she's using the restroom...as she's literally using it.

I blame Richard for this. We have 50/50 custody and I think it's more convinient for him if she too were diapered up. He was against the potty training to begin with. He felt she was too young. He kept telling me it wasn't her fault I decided to have another baby. It's also not her fault that her father's an ass but here we are. I deal with it.

But yeah my days are busy.

I'm medicated once again, still living sober. Taking it one day at a time.

I seriously am ok. Living the life I only once dreamt of.


User Comments

Well, Ellie was not too young to be potty trained.  It could be because there's a new baby in the house, she's feeling a little insecure, and wanting attention.

My youngest daughter, at 16 months, decided to use a big people's pot.  I heard her calling me, and I went to look for her.  She was on the pot, but set so far back, that she fell in bottom first.  I got her up, and moved her a little bit foward, so that she could finish her business.  I then told her, next time, don't sit so far back.

I never had to potty train her, she potty trained herself, at 16 months.

Lol, that's funny. She was old enough to be potty trained. I started a few months before new baby's birth. The fact she was doing well before her sister's arrival tells me she was old enough to be trained...its ok though, I'll deal with it. :)

Is your name Yvonne?

I am Sara...No 'H' at the end because it's the Spanish version.

Oh my... you DO have your hands full!  But if homeschool is what you always wanted to do... SCORE!  {#high_five.gif}

True. Technically not sure that I am homeschooling in the correct sense of the word. I am following the school's curriculum, we zoom with the teachers...Im just just there to make sure it all goes down correctly...But hey, I'll take that, lol. It pretty much looks like I'll take this as long as it's being offered as a choice.

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