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A Couple of Songs by The Great George Harrison

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 7:50am by bluesonrisas



As I said before, the blue dress I wore to the Baptism was not going to be good enough for Scott's company Christmas party.  So we are headed to buy a dress now.  I had another new dress, but that too didn't pass muster with my husband. After buying a dress I have to go get my hair done, I'm going back to my natural color--well, brownish anyway. Before that though I have to have my nails done. I did them before we went to Austin, I did them UT orange since we were going to the game. Don't know what color I'll do this time....I'm sure that Scott will have a suggestion, and you know, whatever he says is going to be done.  I'm taking my mother in law and og stepdaughter to have their nails done as well. That should be fun.

I'm told I won't be drinking tonight...um, yeah, ok.


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