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Weekly Update!

Added: Monday, February 20th 2012 at 8:02am by Bloodlust-Prince
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I have decided to update my blog weekly and inform you nice people about my week. This is almost going to be like a weekly journal.

Well school has been school, annoying but I needed if I plan to get anywhere in life. I have also been dumped with homework, even though I don't have my text books yet.

Last week Thursday my father's ex girlfriend took me to go get my I.D. Document finally sorted (even though they broke up, they are still friends). It took us about half a hour to take the pictures, fill in the documents, wait in line, get the documents acknowledged and to take my finger prints. For South Africa, that is like a record speed. I was very impressed. We were also able to see the Gautrain for the first time (Africa's first bullet train)!

The weekend was rather relaxing. I did most of the cleaning, so Dad was able to relax and not moan about a thing. We had a braai (almost like a BBQ, but quite different) on Saturday. We relaxed on Sunday and Dad made an awesome dinner.

Today, was okay. Went to school, get drowned in homework, etc. Unfortunantly, something happened at my father's work that really pissed him off. So being typical him, he went out to drink with his best friend. Now once again he is going to come home angry and release the anger on to us. I am hoping it will be late enough for me to pretend that I am sleeping.

Well that is about it for now. I hope my next post will be a bit happier.

User Comments

I read about braai on wiki. It sounds like an American BBQ party. The men do the cooking of the meat and women deal with the other food. Do you have pap too?

Good work with your ID.

They are actually quite different. Yes, pap is tradition with boerewors (a type of sausage).


That's why I read about braai, but didn't see how it was different, sorry.

Lol! It is okay. You have to be South African to understand the difference.

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