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Remebering 11-03-11: The Day That Shook Japan

Added: Sunday, March 11th 2012 at 7:14am by Bloodlust-Prince
Related Tags: japan, tsunamis, earthquake

One year ago, the people of Japan were going on their daiy business, until an earthquake of a 9.0 scale shook their country for a whole entire five minutes.

Just when they though it was over, a massive tsunami wave flooded and crushed thousands of homes, taking thousands of lives. Even after that, the worst wasn't over. The Fikoshima nuclear power plants three reactors began to melt down, leaving Japan in a possible nuclear disaster.

A year has passed and a lot of progress has been made. Japan's economy which took a beating after the earthquake has stabilised itself. Roads have been repaired. Cities have been cleaned. The Nuclear crisis has been sorted out. Japan, is slowly but surely healing.

In many parts of Japan, they had a minute of silence when the earthquake shook, and when the tsunami began its' path of destruction. They even had an anti-nuclear power march.

Two things have helped Japan recover, their sense of community and aid from parts of the world.

The Japanese people should be admired for their will to live and their will to help others. Instead of running away to help themselves, they helped their neighbours out of crushed buildings. They shared what little they had left with each other. They didn't complain about the temporary residence the government has given them, or the food. They appreciated what ever they received, and they shared it.

Many countries helped Japan by sending financial aid, or human aid. America for instance sent a whole fleet of ships and planes to help out Japan. One of the aircraft carriers the crew stood in a formation of Japanese characters that said, "Nice To Meet You." Even my country send out plenty of help in the form of rescue workers and cleaners.

Japan will remeber this day for two reason. It was the day that an awful disaster struck them, taking thousands of lives and leaving thousands homeless. But they will also remember this day as the day that the world gave them a hand in helping them to rebuilt, showing the true meaning of friendship.

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