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Never Understood The Term African-American

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, March 3rd 2012 at 1:44am by Bloodlust-Prince
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"I am an African American and proud of it" said the teenage boy. "Haibo! Jy praat kak! (You are talking shit) You are not African. You see that white boy there? He is African. You see me? I am African. You my friend, are American." replied the other boy. This was a conversation that literally happened in my school the year we had an American student.

I have to agree with my fellow African. "African"-Americans are far from being Africans. I am an African and I know what it is like to be an African. White Africans don't walk around claiming that we are European-Africans. Firstly, we were born in Africa and we know squat about Europe apart from it being blooming cold. We tend to prefer our African heat. Secondly, the Europeans would look at us as if we were not lekker (the word means nice, but in this sentence, it is slang for right) in the head. We also know that we are Africans.

"African"-Americans are not Africans. They were born in America and therefore they are American. They know what it is like to be an American, but not an African. "But our ancestors were African." Yes they were, but you were born in America. Therefore you are American. My ancestors came from Europe, but I don't walk around claiming to be an European.

I actually feeling slapping an "African"-American everytime they claim to be an African. Charlize Theron is an African-American. She was born here in South Africa, lived here and then later moved to America in the hopes of making her dream a reality.

I guess that is it for now. I hoped I didn't offend anybody. I was merely satating my opinion. If I did offend someone, well that is your problem then.

Nkosi Sikilela Afrika! (God Bless Africa)

User Comments

So if a man was born in Brazil and married a woman born in Canada and had a child, would their child be a South American-North American ?  LOL


Lol! Imagine an Irish person and a Chinese person that had a baby in Zimbabwe. That kid would be like, "I am an Irish-Chinese-Zimbabwean! Lol!

I don't get.....African.....there are over 60 countries in Africa....don't they know which country they were born in?  {#gruebel.gif}

They do, even though the countries are seperate, we see oursleves as one.


Years ago I read a blog post by an Egyptian American, so she was an Arab. She wrote about how she went to an African-American event here in the States and the other people were upset with her. Egypt is an African country and it was for African-Americans, so she went.


I do know a few Afican Americans - that is, people who are currwently American citizens, but who were born in Africa... But today, 99.95 percent of Blacks are American - Americans - and they should be proud to be so...Oh, I guess if they are democrat supporters, they are content to accept what meager little hand-outs the government gives them - instead of working for a lliving, being financially successful, and therefore being republican !!!!


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