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If You Could Have Any Super Power; What Would It Be?

Added: Friday, March 2nd 2012 at 9:35am by Bloodlust-Prince
Related Tags: supernatural

If I could get any super power; what would it be?

Well that is a hard one to answer since there are so many super powers to choose from. I could be invisible, a mind manipulater or reader, control nature and so much more!

I guess I would like the abbility to fly. Yes. I know it is simple, but I think it is pretty rad. I wouldn't walk anymore. I would just fly. I would fly up so high that no one could bother. It would just be me, the sky, the wind, and some flock of birds thinking, "What the Hell is that thing?" I could just fly away from society and land in some deserted place from the rest of humanity. I could fly up the the highest structures. I could fly and wach the rest of the world scurry away like ants. There is just so much freedom if one could fly.

So that is why I think being able to fly would be an awesome abbility.

What would your super power be?

User Comments

the power to see and kill / eradicate dishonesty

Awesome choice dude!

well, us old guys have been 'drilling down' to truth for a long time  lol

The one I am already promised...immortality...and the perks that go along with it!


I think I would like telekenisis. I could easily put things away & not have to hurt in the process.

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