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How I love Valentine's Day...

Added: Tuesday, February 14th 2012 at 9:33am by Bloodlust-Prince

Warning: This post is almost like a diary entry, so there will be quite a bit of moaning about my issues in it.

Valentines Day, a day that many people that are in love look forward to. Unfortunantly I don't.

Valentine's Day tends to remind me of how patheticaly lonely I am. I sat at school by myself watching all the couples be extra loving towards each other. Not a nice sight when you are by your self.

I also spent most of it doing Math work!

At least, later throughout the day when I was home, my sister handed me a card. Sweet right? Now and then she might annoy the Hell out of me, but she also tends to have her sweet moments too.

When I got home, I saw my father's car in the driveway. He wasn't home though. Our domestic worker then told us that he went some where with his best friend Fritz, and that my sister's school is claiming that he hasn't paid her school fees, which he did. So I knew he would be going out and getting drunk and that he will be coming home angry.

So I decided to do some cleaning. My sister and me cooked supper like we usualy do and we cleaned up the kitchen.

As I started doing my homework my father marched into my room and started verbally attacking me. He always does this when he is drunk. Since his girlfriend left I have become the target for his wrath. I ignore it though and continue with my work. He then verbally attacks my sister leaving her in tears. He then marched off to his room and slammed his door closed.

Then I came online and typed my problems away after comforting my sister.

So when many people enjoyed their Valentine's Day, I am hating it. The day of love my ass.

User Comments

Yeah, for single people, it's not a nice thing. For people in a relationship, there's a pressure of expressing the right thing, so not nice either. In that respect, it's no win.

Sorry about your crappy day. At least you know how to handle your father's ... episodes that it's not about you, but his problem(s). Have you talked with your sister about that, so she knows it's not her fault that he's like that?

Yes I have, but she tends to forget. Also, thanks for your support.

Remind her... every time it happens.

Exactly! Love should be celebrated every day. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.

I am single--live alone by choice--and I get a lot of laughs on VD seeing couples act because they are told how to act on one day!!!

About your father I don't know what to say--I had an absentee dad who was always traveling--didn't drink or smoke but always had a mistress on the side--I really think parents do the best they can even when it isn't good--hopefully when you have a family you will treat them the way you didn't want to be treated.


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