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I DON"T care if you are offended!

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, November 8th 2012 at 4:46am by billjcanada

I received this note this morning from a confused individual who apparently has not read my profile YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED BY WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT ANYTHING ANY WHERE. I removed the names and such for privacy. 


ixxxxxxxxxxxx said:

Added: Wednesday, November 7th 2012 at 8:54pm by xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Category: Blogster

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For her having made homophobic remarks on my blog about xxxxxxxxx.  Read it in this (safe) link.


Being an ignorant homophobe, she naturally assumes a queen ant couldn't even harm a fly.  She's wrong.  I can make her entire hive miserable and despairing, yet in ways that are completely lawful AND ethical.

Let's start with her homely, unattractive face.  And that hairdo!  Is she going for "hideous bedhead?!

The following is copied verbatim from one of her blogs.  It clearlyly represents the mindset of a simpleton who assumes that there is necessarily something wrong hence offensive with a person whose views don't precisely align with hers:

"Another reason why Ive come to hate liberals, they spoil things for everyone, and force decisions that we normally would not make simply to keep them from trolling and disturbing us and our way of life."

The usual tired and boring rant of a person who did not finish 9th grade.

By the way, it's hysterical that she choose the handle justalilwitchie.  What sort of spells does she cast, hmm?  Can shewith a corny incantation transforn a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese "meal" into a Supersized Big Mac Meal?

It's pathetic that in her posts she threatens to start blocking.  That merely proves she has many enemies, who have clearly discerned that she is a bitter, vapid, prone-to-tantrums jerk.  I GUARANTEE that not one person she blocks will be trouble by it at all.

More from me next time I feel like teaching a hard-hearted crashing bore a lesson in decorum, the only kind of behavior that suits an old woman.

--xxxxxx xxxxx xxx

SSN: 573-xxx-xxxx

My answer: 

Sir I believe you are having a identity crises You are confusing me with someone who gives a fuck.  So let me make it veryclear. I don't care if you like or dislike anyone or what they have to say. That is your right. I don't care if you get or are offended. There is no right to not be offended yet. I expect that the left wing moon bats will try to get that on done though so be patient. So in closing If you have something to say say it if you are just here to whine about someone else you are waisting your time and again I don't give a fuck. have a nice day.  

PS: only a fool or idiot would include their SSN in a post to a complete stranger on the Internet. which are you?  

BTW I happen to agree with her assesment. 

User Comments

if I get this post correct I think I have run across this person .

Looks like a spam message

he probably does eat lots of Spam...maybe Treat....I like Spam at deer camp oncce a year...till we can have fresh deer meat

I mean spam like in a message that is mass sended to users

I know.....

Idiomax...the AIDS meds are getting to him I do believe...

What a strange letter...

there are some very strange people in this world-I started to get a few of them, so I changed my comments just recently to friends only can comment-they can go rant some place else-

You know there is only the assumption of privacy when sending an email it is not guaranteed.  Once they send it to you it is yours to do what you want with. You are not violating anyones rights by publishing an e-mail.

It was easy enough to find out who this was but why bother making it a chore to do so. 

I found it interesting that you both make the same, unusual spelling errors.

Actually I spell checked what I wrote and did not spell check the received e-mail. I always spell check as I am not a English major.

I know who it is...idiomatixx, hes a loon who apparently doenst have a sense of humor. I commented in jest on one of his blogs back a while ago. My mistake, but I truly thought it was posted in jest. 

I am certainly not the grammar police.  That wasn't the point.  The point was I find it curious that only three people on blogster share this spelling error, you and the person sending you this e-mail and one "waisted" Girl.

@witchie You and I have had our run ins but once I leave the blog that is forgotten...until next time :)  However I find this odd.  Odd that a a e-mail that was designed to hurt your feelings & chock full of personal attacks would be posted publicly like this. 

I even bothered to look because I thought it was Charlie Adams who despite our differences of opinion, is my friend.  I couldn't imagine him saying things so personal and repugnant.  I know he can be mean with political attacks but not personal like that.  I thought it might be him because of a spelling error.  He has one word he misspells all the time, glaringly but for the life of me I could not imagine what it was. So I decided to check and make sure and NO it was not him. However the only two people who make this spelling error on Blogster are the man the e-mail is supposedly from and the person who wrote this post.

I do not believe in coincidence and find it odd that these are the only two people with this error other than one stoned girl from way back. Curious.

BTW, I think you are as cute as a button.

If you're talking about the word "assesment," I get five Google pages of that spelling being used on Blogster. A common misspelling or typo. If not, what word are you referring to? I don't understand why you have to stir shit everywhere you go.

You are suggesting Bill is Idiomatix?

I suggest you back up and reload.

LOL, nope, neo.  

@ Ken, I suggested nothing.  I just find it courious......

"I do not believe in coincidence and find it odd that these are the only two people with this error" You were suggesting nothing? ROFL Yah, right. Give me a break.

LOL thanks Holly, I dont think Ive ever been called cute as a button. Im tiny enough though...LOL, Charlie and I decdided to start fresh. It was just a bit of a misunderstanding on both our parts, and now we find we have much in common! 

This idiomatixx is a bit unstable I fear, in the title of the privat he states he will pester and hound me. Now thats cyber stalking...I blocked him so I dont think iLl have any more problems with him. 

Sorry about the typing my hands are really bothering me today...

@Neo, perhaps not everyone thinks like you. Because I do not believe in coincidence I must mean whatever YOU think?

Heck, that was the only misspelled word you found in that mess.  

Attention to detail some?

@ witchie...I hope you feel better.

Hardly, but the only one that seemed plausible to your point. "Waisting" didn't really bring up any relevant matches to your claims and the rest were random typos. In any event, you have no viable answer so your going to ignore the question asked and obfuscate as usual--go ahead play your head games. The fact remains your back in your old Blogster Police role accusing two people of being the same person. If there's trouble on Blogster, you're always stirring it up, or right in the middle of it. Like I said, always stirring the pot.

*sighs* Neo, I did answer you.  I am sorry it was nto the answer you wanted or expected but answer you I did.

Funny Neo, I have never been the blogster police but it is an interesting FACT that escapes no ones notice that YOU only show up at blogster when their is drama like a bored housewife.

Oh! Ouch! LOL ...So sorry Holly, I'm not some fragile newbie you can hurt my feelings repeating your smelly little sign song. The trouble is, you've attacked and insulted so many people that your reputation precedes you. So now, back to the relevant subject, you lobbed an accusation that Bill and the person who wrote the letter are one and the same. Maybe they are or maybe not, but when you fling snot, you should have the guts to own it. But then talebearers seldom do, and you my dear, are a talebearer to the nth degree. Have a nice day. :)

You are such a pathetic child.

Where did I say that?  

You are too full of yourself.  You really need to quit assuming.

You do not like a persons answer so you throw a little fit like a kid in preschool with songs to match.

Hmm, well evidently you just can't help yourself...breath Holly, it's just a blog, nothing to have a nervous breakdown over. :)

shoot Holly, I misspell a lot of words, all the time, lmao. My fingers dont type as fast as i think, that may be a bit of the problem...beside the fact they are dyslexic...

I was sure it wasn't you babah, I said that. There is this word though, you constantantly misspell it...Think it begins with a c. I have two conastant mistypes nto and doe snot.  :P

Neao, dahling, nothing on the internt is worth getting upset over. I learned the hard way :0)

trust me, theres more than one.....I flunked spelling honestly in 7th grade, it baffles me, lol....

I found out a little bit about this fellow from a third party.  He's got some problems.  I won't post anything in public about him, but I'll give holly a personal hint, one of her own family members suffers from a similar syndrome.  He has issues other than that on top of this particular diagnosis, and I can assure you that he and lilwitchie are not the same poster.


@charlie, I suck at spelling but am worse with typing!

yep, flunked typing too, but I thinkit's cause i was really stoned during that class, it was right after lunch.....


noe that is odd. No idea who they were on about, but I will keep an eye open

then I warned the guy about posting his social security number...in the days of small press it was required for payment to an author, but I wasnt planning on paying him for his rant...so I didnt need it. 

Yeah he sent me a private a while back about being hot for someone named Jimtastic or some such. I thought i was a jest, I mean what the heck do I care...so I jested back. Apparently it wasnt a jest and I royally pissed the guy off, but why send it to my private box? I dont give a rats ass who hes hot for.

So when he posted it for all to see, I complained as only I would...and of course like so many of the thin skinned gays, he took offense. 

I guess he will just have to get over himself. 

Bill Ive just reported him for this..........he was on my friends list as many were because I helped them set up when they got here. Ive just sent a msg tho to staff about him passing that around. I do believe there is a rule against this sort of thing. Its not a spammer, he is someone here from MP who, well I always thought he was a bit off. But I do not like this spreading crap around about people. If it wasnt for witchie I wouldnt be here and while I dont always agree with her stuff........she doesnt deserve this kind of treatment from anyone.

No one deserves it sea. 

Yup, Idiomatix. Or, for short, just plain Idiot.

I had that fool blocked at Multiply. They came her and requested friendship. I denied it. Then they subscribed to me and then blocked me.

I could not get them unsubscribed so I blocked them back.

Yesterday someone told me this AIDS infected piece of shoit had written a rant about me because he got notifications I had posted and couldn't turn them off.

Somehow his lack of knowledge was my fault to.

People like this need to be blocked and shunned.

{#apploud.gif} Shunning is good! Blocking is good too! These morons hate being blocked and ignored because the two things they cherish most in life is getting attention and walking on other people.

'Tis the only way.

This idiot just made a posting that they intend to hound her continually. Time to call in all our friends and block this person until they have no where to go on blogster.

Yep, done.

Ive already blocked the guy, but somehow hes still getting through. 

How do you know?

Cause I got another message from him after I had blocked him. 

but thats the only two so maybe he sent the message before the block went through? 

Ken, I'm just now trying to get involved here, and right off the bat, after browsing around, I find there are allot of people with something to prove, and that really don't seem to have solid footing themselvse.  I'm just happen to see you and Bill and even witchie. 

Chief, there are quite a few liberals here and although it doesn't see m possible the Blogster liberals are even dumber than the Multiply ones.

You my dear are one of the truest people I know. I am honored to be your friend. And "giggles" @ "Sir I believe you are having a identity crises You are confusing me with someone who gives a fuck"{#apploud.gif}{#dancing6.gif}

Im not the one sending this shit out to all his contacts. He trolled my contacts list and is sending this out to all on my list. All over a jest. 

Its sickies like this that you need to complain about to warn others about or they wind up attacking your friends....kinda like he did. 

He is a shallow little man that sent his BS to the wrong contact. ya might say he irritated me thinking I would throw a friend under the bus.

Yup he did that to me too.....I dont know him,  I only know of him since I saw him on MP. .......I know witchie.......and his game backfired.

ok folks...tears in the eyes here...Sea, Bill, not sure what to say here...thanks dont seem to be enough, but its all I got ...so Thanks. 

Yw witchie...........Hugs. Hey Im here cuz of you. Its you who told me I might like it here and I do. But I also dont like people who do the sneaky crap hes doing. Even if hes right, which I dont think he is.....I saw the post, no one deserves to be maligned behind their back online, no one deserves stalking either. Thats the workings of a sick mind. I feel bad for him....he doesnt realize it.....but NONE of us have to put up with his nonsense either .

The thing is Sea, he sent a private message to me...about how hot he was for some guy called Jimnastics. I have no idea why he sent that to me, and I dont even know either of them...so...I figured it was a joke and I responded to a joke.

Apparently the dude was dead serious about his post, in which I then responded eww gross and deleted the message.

The next day I get what the rest of you got in your private message. 

why the hell did he send me his sexual desires about a man I dont even know, unless, knowing Im anti gay, it was to harrass me. 

He was on my friend list because all those coming over were asking, I was the anchor here. And so I subcribed to his posts. And when I saw them I was appalled.....its often like the ramblings of a mad man. So I unsubscribed.....with the plan of unfriending him soon. After this I did tho. I dont want emails like this either. Put that with everything else I saw and I decided Im done. Hes blocked now too. Why he sent that to you,,,,,who knows...he sure doesnt appear to be all there anyway here online. Hes scary .

5 stars and thumbs up, bill.  good on you......

If you need any help Chief Canada, just run up the skull & cross bone flag.  I know you don't just willing to use my boardside on anyone who scews with my friends, and in particular a shipmate.

Thanks Chief I usually get them with the first shot as you know. Nice to know there is backup however. hope things are well in the far south west Kentucky annex lol.

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