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Added: Wednesday, September 23rd 2020 at 1:36pm by bigfatdaddy

I can barely think about it...I almost lost him last month.  It was so scary.  I thought he was a goner.  Ever hear of a dog having pancreatitis?  Two weeks of antibiotics (and a future of low fat foods) and he is back to his amazing self.  Skipper turned 7 years old in August.  Ain't he purdee??

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User Comments

Thanx :)

Skipper is gorguz!  So glad to hear he's better!  Pancreatitis...who'd of thunk it!?!  Hopefully he'll be around for many more years to come.  ^_^

That is my hope, too :)...Thanks, dani.  Did any of the storms getcha?  I been laying low on other business so I ain't too up to date on whats been posted lately.

My township dodged two bullets. Hurricane hit to the west in the state and another toward the south of the state.  We got a lil rain and wind, but thankfully nothing like those other poor folks did.  I hate hurricane season. {#basic-angry.gif}

Glad you're okay!!


Thank you :)

Glad to know he's much better I know all about Pancreatitis, and it's no fun.

Yep, been there, done that...thanks, ellie

I wonder, did you have him tested for Diabetes?  Because dogs, and cats do suffer from it.

They ran a full battery of blood and xrays and other stuff...no mention...yet.


Yes, have heard of dogs having pancreatitis and Iā€™m glad you still have your pal. šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚

Me, too, rg...thanks.

yes we had a dog who got pancreatitis. Best to make sure your dog gets good food, lots of the vitamins that are needed, and no table scraps.

Ours was a Boston Terrier, which might be a bit more susceptible to pancreatitis. He ended up diabetic about a year later, so we had to give him daily insulin shots. It did shorten his life.

Good to see Skipper is ok. Hope for a long and healthy life.

Thanks...Yeah, my daughter had a diabetic dog, too.  We are watchin that.

No, I've never heard of DOGS getting pancreatitis although I don't know why they couldn't. Especially an older animal like Skipper (about 49 in dog years). Yes, he is a very nice-looking dog.

I'VE had it but never heard of it dogs...then again...I've had Parvo and I never heard of people having that so I guess me and the Skip are even.

I had no idea people could catch Parvo. My dog had it and none of us got sick. 

Apparently there is a human strain...go figure.

What a sweet face on the little dude(then again, I say little dude to the biggest of dogs) Glad he's doing well.

Thanks, mom...If remember, Buddy and Skip are about the same age.

Oh that's right. Buddy turned 7 on July 12th.


He's a survivor, just like his doggy mom-n-pop.

Yay for Skipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{#cheerleader.gif} {#cheerleader.gif} {#cheerleader.gif}

(((hugs)))  <---for Skipper this time, teehee.

Now I have to spend the rest of his life watching for diabetes to set in.  Sigh.  But I know you know the value of our fuzzy friends.  The scary part is that if I had known what it was going to cost before I took him to the vet, it may have had a totally different outcome.  Oh well...we have enough Alpo on had to get us both through the month...that family style beef stew is purtee tasty!  Love yas

I've had to make that sad decision myself on more than one occasion, but finances can only bear so much and when suffering, the animal can only bear so much too.  In humans, pancreatitis is terribly painful, I do hope Skipper is feeling well enough to enjoy the rest of his life.  I know when the time comes you will do the right thing, even if it breaks your heart.


Those are for you.  And MC, of course.  Give her my love.

He seems to be in full tilt boogie mode, now.  Back to doing his patrols around the yard every morning and night.  He seems a little more clingy than before but I don't mind.  He is sensative to our moods and ai think he is aware that we were worried about him so he is comforting us.

Treasure every minute bgfatdaddy.  This morning I was wlaking our two dogs and met a guy I haven't seen for six months.  The first thing he said was, "Where's Cass then?"  Brought his loss all back again.



I know, Dave...we've had so many dogs and they just don't live long enough.  It's like loosing a family member.  I may have gained a few more years with the Skip, so it was worth it..

He's beautiful!

I think so, too :)

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