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More Chocolate Chip Cookies

Added: Monday, October 7th 2019 at 2:02pm by bigfatdaddy

One thing led to another...

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Hey now, I resemble that Arnie!

Love me some Waylon and Jones.  I love this one by George.  Gawd knows he had some great hits in his life.

I have been a follower of Saint Waylon since 1966 and I been hearin' George all my life.  The Old Dogs album was funny when I bought it twenty years ago...it is all too real now...and Bobby is the only one of the four that is still around.

Oh my!  Golden Oldies!  I love George, grew up with him, lol!  Ol' Waylon, just like you, I've ben one of his fans, since the first time I heard him!  And Jerry Reed!  Talk aabout a card!  He was so funny, and I love him!!

You obviously have great taste in music, my dear.  :)


(that awful "smile" ick)

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