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Just One More

Added: Friday, May 27th 2022 at 11:57pm by bigfatdaddy

Another repost abour Memorial Day...


Published on May 21, 2009 By Big Fat Daddy In Misc

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, one "holiday" I take very seriously. I know that most folks see it as another day off...brats or ribs on the grill...beer in the cooler...maybe a trip to the beach...etc. I am not trying to take any of that away from the day, I think it is cool to have a three-day weekend with all the things that go with it. I just want to share with you a few thoughts about why we have this holiday. As a nation, I think that we are better tuned into Memorial Day and its meaning than we were pre-9/11. Lots of young 'uns have fallen in the last few years and it would be hard to find a family that hasn't been touched by this war in some way or another. I am invested into it in a number of ways, topmost is the fact that my oldest son is back over there for the third time. Even though I have been retired and away from the Army for more than 16 years now, I have a number of friends who have had family members over there, have watched young mothersstruggling with kids who need to have their dads around, and live in a community where lots and lots of its young people have been in harms way. And more than a few have come home in a CBA. There was another ceremony over at Fort Cartoon the other day for five more. This year the Air Force Academy is honoring another fallen grad, a young woman, at their commencement. I don't think that any of them died thinking that they were doing it for their country. It is usually a little more personal than that. But it was their understanding that this was a potential outcome of their service and their willingness to accept that risk in pursuit of security and safety for us all that makes them deserve the honor we extend. So we should extend it. To them and their families. A toast:

"To those who came home draped in the flag that they served with honor...God love them...and thank God for them"

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A toast:

"To those who came home draped in the flag that they served with honor...God love them...and thank God for them"


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