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It's All About the Attitude

Added: Saturday, November 30th 2019 at 10:36am by bigfatdaddy

User Comments

Wow!  3 great singers, and 3 very good songs.  Legends!!


I’m watching the Iron Bowl. Will check that out later. College Football 🏈!!!


Watch it, BFD, you leave the Crimson Tide alone, or a terrible thing is going to happen to you at midnight!


YES, MA'AM!!  Threats from Caribbean island women need to taken seriously or you might wind up with a chicken claw up your....uh...nose!

I’m certainly not a chicken.... By belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah and God the Son, I am a child of God.

You are a wonderful example of a daughter of God...just my silly sense of humor, don't mind me.

I draw the line at chicken!

Loved that last one!

Wish I could give an "attitude adjustment" to a few people,  lol.


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