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Added: Tuesday, June 30th 2020 at 8:16am by bigfatdaddy

Feeling a little folkish this morning, thought I'd share {#basic-laugh.gif}

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Good taste in music---for a change--on blogster! Thanks!

And music that tastes good, too!

Yep--a scoop of chocolate ice cream on a LP tastes great!!

Happy 4th young man!

Chocolate ice cream is tasty on anything!  

Thanks, back atcha, "younger" man...old enough to drink, now, eh?

Yes Sir---I can have all the diet cola I want now!

I was in an NCO Club in Germany years ago an noticed an old grizzly-looking sergeant sipping on a bottle of 7-Up.  I asked if he wanted to brighten that up a bit and he smiled and declined.  Hes said it was a chaser for all the un-chased shots of his youth.  

I understand that--I stopped drinking January 21, 1981 and previous to that I think (not sure--one of the reasons I stopped dinking!) I had enough for 100 years so I might start again in 2036! (When I will be 25!)


Those were nice!

Glad ya liked 'em.

Links? I’m stuck in a cell phone!

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