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my time in the morning sun - "old Bernie Sanders"

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 3:39am by beingnobody
Related Tags: politics

To begin with, Bernie is more lucid and composed coming out of a dead sleep than President Trump is on his best rally day of the year.

If Bernie had been the nominee in 2016 instead of Clinton he would have beaten Trump by a solid 9-12 million votes instead of 3 million.

That being because that many Trump voters would have voted for him instead of Trump.

There is not a doubt in my mind that many Trump supporters know in their heart that Trump is a pitiful disgrace as a President but continue to defend him anyway rather than appearing to cave.

Bernie is more dignified, more honourable, more honest, and more filled with character than Trump is or has ever been.

People ask why Trump supporters at his rally's continue cheering as he spews lie after lie after lie directly in their face.

The answer is, spite, and the reality that a lot of Trump supporters are unhinged, brainwashed loons who are more interested in trolling Liberals and chirping gleefully over the outraged responses to Trumps insane behavior than they are "righting" America.

I think every single one of us knows how Trump supporters would have reacted had Obama behaved and communicated the way Trump does.

We all know how you would be reacting had Obama sat on his ass dictating opinion and theory by process of tweetstorm..

So let's come down from the steed of pretense and emgage honestly if that is even possible.

BTW, how do you eat fried chicken?

The bullshit, childish reaction to that is about as lame as the tan suit outrage and hot dog condiment outrage directed toward Obama.

Weighty issues of the day no doubt, but that's the nonsense that motivates poeple who are manipulated by the vapid superficiality of Fox and Limbaugh.

Perfectly acceptable to say "rape is Gods will," or child molestation is fine, but don't you dare wear the wrong colored suit, or wear a pantsuit as a woman.

It is just insane how far people have been sucked down the rabbit hole.

User Comments

the sad thing from my perspective is, the bar has been set so low when it comes to the standards expected from future candidates for POTUS, the worst example of a human being with no morals, no respect, no dignity or humility can put his or her hat in the ring and there will be millions of equally disgusting morally bankrupt people who will vote for them.

I have heard that many that didn't like Hillary voted for trump because they didn't have the opportunity to vote for Bernie.  My response....Bernie is the opposite of trump, how the heck could they get them confused...LOL

Or even see them as being alike.  Bernie was for the people, trump is for corporations, expecially his own.

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