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"GOP Pollster Thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Only Democrat Who Could Match Donald Trump"

Added: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 8:28am by BeautifulLips

That is the headline

"GOP Pollster Thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Only Democrat Who Could Match Donald Trump"

These are the comments:

I like the comments most of the time, some are funny.  For those who still have a sense of humor,  I thought I would share:


1.       Can yahoo print one article that does not warp the truth?


2.       I LOVE THE TITLE!! I didn’t know HuffPo became a satire website. Who knew? Hahaha this is great.


3.       Whoever conducted this poll must have found some *good* peyote. She hasn't a ghost of a chance.


4.       I mean compared to the other Democrats, she doesn't actually look that bad. Just shows you where that party is.


5.       HaaaaHaaaa Ha omg this is about the funniest thing I heard ever since someone said Hillary Clinton would make a good President.


6.       WOW!!!! If that’s the case then we might as well swear Trump into another 4 years as President right now! We can even swear Pence into office for 2024....that's if he even wants to run for President


7.       AOC is the smartest, most capable politician democrats have.


8.       "When I was bartending I got mad cause all of the other bartenders made more than me and thought: like, just because I'm lazy doesn't mean that they shouldn't share." So she ran for Congress to give every lazy person the right to hard working people's money.


9.       Has anyone ever seen a GOP pollster with only 1 chin?


10.   This shows just how pitiful a slate the Democrats are presenting when AOC is their strongest candidate. The American public is not ready for her brand of extremist Socialism!


11.   And he's right everyone else has being living off the government most of their lives and now all of the sudden they want to fix it. specially by jumping on the green new deal let's save the world band wagon.


12.   YES, PLEASE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send her out there against Trump!


13.   She has a high IQ for a democrat 75!


14.   What a sad state of affairs for our country when people think this air head is relevant.


15.   Here for the comments and they're as funny as I thought they'd be.


16.   Cortes was elected by the fewest votes of any current congress person.


17.   The mere fact America is even discussing a 29 year old with no life yes life or business experience illustrates the clear demise of our ethics, values, and democracy.


18.   Oh my word. I literally laughed so hard it scared the dogs this morning. Priceless.


19.   Seriously? Cortez acts like she ate paint chips as a kid!


20.   Oh, please, pretty please, let her be the candidate! Talk about fun times for Donald Trump and Republicans, and, frankly, anybody who's sane.


21.   Let's hope AOC is a "one term wonder". I just hope that her constituents in the Bronx and Queens will remember how she single handedly drove Amazon away...with 25,000 jobs.


22.   The same pollster who told us that Crooked Hillary would beat Trump! FAKENEWS!


23.   she would stand as much chance as a blackberry in Hillary’s purse


24.   Hey AOC, table number 7 needs their drinks!


25.   OMG I literally thought this was gonna be a joke when i read the headline.


26.   Well that is sad, someone who knows even less than the average high school kid is the best they have.


27.   Hahahahaahaha! How did this article get posted?


28.   Did anyone see the video of her getting destroyed in a debate about the first amendment with Joe blow citizen?


29.   I'm still scratching my head on why she is in our congress.
Let me see if I understand this correctly......
never had a child
never been married
never ran a business
never bought a home
never managed people
never had a professional job
never served on a local committee
no real life experiences but at 28 she wants to tell us what the government needs to do with our country......really?


30.   Wish they would run her for president. They would not get the white house for many years with that move.


31.   This was written for SNL right?


32.   A woman who's a ditz & voted against her own Green Deal can match Trump? Ya don't say...


33.   It must be difficult being a democrat these days


34.   Strange how Cortez's charges for violating PAC funds to private accounts is not in the news anymore. Hmmm...


35.   AOC would restore the country to what it once was...a barren landscape, covered with ice.

Enjoy for fun and ammusment not for resale...

User Comments

Personally I hope she becomes the Democratic candidate. That should guarantee a Republican cake walk.

it is certainly a topsy turvy world.  It makes me laugh a tthe absurdity and cringe at the possibility all at the same time


{#flag.gif} {#flag.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#flag.gif} {#flag.gif} A Gop Pollster, hum, one who is so wrong.  Let her run against Trump, it'll be a breeze for Trump, leaving her far behind blowing in the wind.

I agree

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