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about the democratic debates and running for the office of President...I apologise

Added: Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 7:08am by BeautifulLips
Its not generally known but I dropped out of the race for the Presidential nomination, as well. Not many knew I was running since I never announced it but the article posted about Cory Booker and so many others dropping out, should have mentioned me.
I'm also not a dem, so it was going to be difficult to win anyway. I did set the bar on running an economic campaign though. All in all I only spent about $5 bucks, most of it going to one those value box meals at Del Taco. That was the lunch where I thought about running, decided to run and then decided I had proven my point, and dropped out.
Ill use it as a tax write off for now but look out 2024.

User Comments

I would have voted for you

well then there would have been two of us... lol

Me to. 

Me three!


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