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Pick or Choose...Dont Lose

Added: Thursday, April 15th 2010 at 10:41pm by bailey530

41 Responses Created by bailey530 on April 15, 2010


If you had 1 month to live what would you do?

  • A. Eat your life away
  • B. Spend your money on vacations
  • C. Do all the things you have wanted to do but havent


If you were given one last thing to eat, what would it be?

  • A. Fruit
  • B. Meat
  • C. Vegetables


Your house is burning down...you grab....

  • A. Animals
  • B. Photos
  • C. memorable items


Your last question..would you...

  • A. Give everything you have up for seomthing new
  • B. Move in a week and start a new life if it was paid for
  • C. Keep life the same

User Comments

#1 Continue my life as it is except maybe add a scotch on the rocks before dinner

#2 Why isn't chocolate on the list?

#3  A

#4 C

Couldn't post it as I couldn't/wouldn't #1 & #2   next time add d) otehr   LOL

ahaha okay will do ! :)

umm i guess its ok

i would keep the same life because there is no promise the next one would be better >.>

I wanna know how something can be wrong on a quiz like this. Seriously. It's stupid. Just because you'd take fruit instead of meat doesn't make it wrong that'd I'd take meat instead of fruit..wtf.

I'd like to try a foreign fruit for once....some of them I hear are really good!

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