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The Berbers in Ireland and Scotland

Added: Monday, February 5th 2007 at 10:00am by ayesart
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Don't know if you remember that I posted the results of my yDNA here on Blogster awhile back.

The yDNA results confounded me a little because my father was an white, red haired Irishman. The only odd thing about him was that his hair was very curly. He used to use Vitalis to lengthen the curls into those long waves that were so popular back in his time. Not like today's "gumby look". His brother's also had curly hair, one almost bordered on the "wirey" unruly look. What some would call, almost "kinky". One or two of them had jet black hair too that framed a very white face set with stark blue eyes. Their children had dark hair as well, dark red, brown and black. Their eyes ranged from light brown, blue, and gray. They all swore that they were "pure blooded Irishmen".

Well, my y DNA results yielded that I had inherited E3b2 genes.
This means that there was a very strong Northern African influence in my father's ancestry. Somehow a Berber ancestor or ancestors got into the family tree!

It also explains why my son has been attracted to women of Moroccan heritage. And it also might explain why Moroccan people who I meet while on walking exercise in the neighborhood greet me with their familiar blessing, Ah Salam. I was stopped by a cop on patrol during the height of the 9/11 thing after her had "profiled" me as being a possible terrorist too. He was surprised and chagrined when he read my name on my driver's license. He let me go with his many apologies.

I've done some research this weekend trying to solve this little family genetic mystery and I've found out some things that I feel might be worthy enough to share with you today.

In old Irish history it is said that the first inhabitants of Ireland were dark skinned. They are called, Histinians. It is theorized that the Histinians were related to the ancient people the, Phonicians. (The Phonicians were a sea faring people who eventually founded what was once the glorious and beautiful Carthage. The Carthaginians gave the Romans a run for their money, but eventially lost the war). The Celts finally got to Ireland and as they settled in to their lands the dark skinned people were pushed into the Western half of Ireland. The descendants of these dark skinned people, the Histinians, still speak the language of their ancestors, Gaelic. The Gaelic language is very much like the old Berber language, which is also a very ancient world language. In any case, the Western part of Ireland is the county of Conanmara. There is an old legend that speaks about the were seal people that have descendants who have jet black hair and are called, the black Irishmen. By the way,the Phonicians also were the ancestors of the Berber peoples.

This weekend I also ran across an old article that was written in 1954
that tells of how the Berber blood became mixed with Scottish blood, English blood and Irish blood.

Here's the link: http://www.scotsgenealogy.com/online/berbers.htm

I think you will find it very interesting too.

Let me know if this has helped you in any way.

User Comments

We need to find the link between our traditions and our present experience of life. Maybe nowness, or the magic of the present moment, is what joins the wisdom of the past with the present?
We are whom we are now, our talents, illnesses and even how we cope with our environment and personal life because of what is contained within our genetics. The past was once the place where our todays were once created.
As always, the mistakes that were made and set down by our ancestors can always be rectified by the heirs who are born in the here and now.
If one's ancestors chose to drink and beat their women their sons and daughters have the power to break those cycles. If one's ancestors were warlike and destructive their sons and daughters in kind can choose to also break those negative cycles to found a new age that is a golden one and one of peace and love for all mankind.[THUMBUP]
Its all about cycles and the choosing to repeat them or negate them.
If one of our ancestors suffered from Diabetes and has passed the mtDNA that will propigate that condition in the future then we have the absolute power to change that mtDNA by not repeating the same causes and effects in our own lives. It has been proven scientifically that the gene that is the key to that condition will just simply mutate and not be passed onto the next generation. Just something to think about in regard to our own self empowerment.
It's interesting.. No idea about Irish predecesors. I too, have Scottish blood from my mom's side, but no Irish that I know. Many are red haired with freckles, but not curly hair.. All this mixture in your family is fascinating. No wonder you are looking deeper and deeper.. My time will come also when I will want (mostly, be able to do the research) about my family.. Both sides of it have a very interesting history.. Thanks for sharing this, John, gab [SMILE][HEART]
John --

You must rent and watch The Secret of Roan Inish.

It is a story about the black-irish and the seals....
Amazing movie - I would highly recommed it as well - [HEART]
I saw the movie a long time ago. I really love the sountrack so I went out and bought the CD of it. I play it once in a while. When I saw the movie, Roan Inish I was ignorant of my y DNA at the time. I think I will go out to rent the movie so I can go back a bit....[THUMBUP]
great and interesting
Interesting post. Reminds me of something I heard about..that a people of Iberian origin being one of the earliest migrants to Ireland. As my heritage is in part Iberian (going back 5 centuries) feel some connectedness with thsi story though I think my connection with Hibernia is far too remote..Cheers
Your heritage is an interesting one because Asia Minor is located above Northern Africa, Cyprus, Greece and Macedonia as well as what used to be old Phoenicia. It would be interesting to see what is within your y DNA as well as your mtDNA.[THUMBUP]
John --

I found this on the BBC and thought of you... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6332545.stm
I am very pleased that you provided the link back to that article that spoke about Thomas Jefferson's y DNA heritage, K 2 linking back to Oman some circa, 40,000 years ago. It kind of confirms what geneticists have been theorizing that we all have our roots deeply imbedded within the first Adam and Eve in regard to genetic Adam and Eve, not the biblical ones. Their genes mutated back around some 150,000 years ago and we are the final product of those mutations.[THUMBUP]

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