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Turned 21 yesterday, and apparently I thought I did it big.

Added: Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 12:44am by awwwnikki
Category: About Me > About Me > Emotions

To begin this post, I found something truly relevant to this cancerian season:

I can't thank my life enough, I'm terribly, HORRIBLY blessed. I'm passing my summer classes with good grades. I'm graduating next year. I have plenty of money, food, books, clothes, a wild array of the right people who would like to date me. I could date women if I wanted to, both sexes flirt with me! 

 I think I may be bisexual. I haven't had a crush on a female yet, but I know I'm capable. My best friend is bisexual and she told me since I'm feminine I would attract many women. Some women out there think I'm adorable and tell me! It can't be any woman if I decide to date her, we have to be soulful with one another and intune on every level, not just a sexual fling. Sex is no fun if you do not truly love and respect the person. I know from way too much experience for my age.

I'm now 21 and realizing something new about myself.. {#flowre.gif}{#flower-for-you.gif} And I know myself enough to admit that I am bisexual. This doesn't mean I have a crush on any woman, I'm naturally affectionate with other women but not in a sexual way. It would still take a lot to actually date and pursue another woman, it has to be perfect and flow naturally. Never forced. I still have daydreams of marrying the man of my dreams and having kids with him. But I don't see it happening anytime soon due to life circumstances. 

I also am paying $3,000 for braces ugh. That is $134 out of my pay check each month. But it will be worth it in the end, so I can smile comfortably without feeling insecure anymore...






I'm currently dating someone special! Him and I are going to the California State Fair on Friday. I'm too excited and ready for this!  We started out as close friends sharing things back and forth. Until I texted him, "cuddle me" one night and it was the flame to ignite the fuse! I found out he had a crush on me as I did on him. It's going to be hot and dry in Sacramento when we drive out there, but as long as we have water and plenty of sunscreen, we'll be fine! I'm usually well prepared for these things. I infact enjoy being well prepared! 

I made a butter pecan cake not too long ago with carmelized pecans inside. It looks raggedy but I promise you the cake was really good! {#floating.gif}:

I still make time to bake and cook good food!

Speaking of good food, I had two close friends over this morning! I made them a veggie omellette with turmeric, garlic powder, pepper, a pinch of garlic salt, bell pepper, mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, and shredded cheddar with slices of avocado the the side. No food was wasted and I wish I could have made them more! Man, it is my pleasure to cook for people I wish I could do it much more!

My new boyfriend threw a huge picnic in the cemetery not too long ago, it was the best ever. We had our privacy to make out for as long as we wanted to. I got too excited and lifted up the dress I was wearing lol!. But I put it back down! lol! I cooked garlic chicken cheese hot dogs with green onions and chives, with artisan buns I toasted in the skillet with a bit of oil from the chicken hot dogs. I brought potato salad, italian soda, cake, chips, everything to make a great picnic. I told him we must do that more! 


Last night when I got off of work I decided to do something a bit fancy to celebrate turning 21! My coworker spent the night with me and we had a fun time together. I wanted a bottle of pinot noir but it wasn't on sale! So I stuck to what I knew, besides any white wine or Rose goes great with fruit. Usually red darker wines tastes better with food or meat, I learned. Certain dark wines infact have a smoked flavor to add to eating a nice chunk of meat like steak. I learned this when I drunk wine one night with a guy I dated a few times. 

I should have bought reisling for this! But oh well, I wanted to try something new and explore! I wanted an assortment of ranier cherries along with the red ones, but Safeway ran out! But the dark cherries were perfect with the Rose.

Eating healthy, being fancy, while able to afford it because I'm still a broke struggling college student at the end of the day. 

This here is what made my birthday perfect. I only drunk one bottle, last night with my coworker. The other one is in the fridge for whenever I'm in the mood!

The wine glasses were only $20 on amazon! lol! Kind of cheap, and thin to be hand spun. I thought they would be much more thicker when I opened the box, but I won't complain. Still cute to have when I have my friends over! 

Birthday is over and its back to working hard! 

User Comments

No cheese to go with the wine and grapes?  For shame, woman!

Happy Birthday, Nikki...wow, you look GREAT!!!

I asked on your other blog if you were going back as a senior this year, so I suppose the answer is YES!

Are you planning to earn a post-grad degree?  Still in business studies?  What are your plans for after graduation?

Hmmm @ the bisexual thingy...if you aren't feeling it, don't force it.  I kinda think if you haven't met a female who turns you on sexually by now, it's probably not your thing.  But you never know, so keeping an open mind is fine, just don't be influenced by what's considered 'cool' or 'socially correct,' that's all.

Again, Happy Birthday!  May all good things come your way, sweety!

{#add_best_wishes.gif} {#airborne.gif} {#add_best_wishes.gif} {#airborne.gif} {#add_best_wishes.gif}

haha! no cheese, just fruit. 

Thank you for the birthday wish, S. It was a great one! And yes, I'm a senior this upcoming year, if im blessed I may be going to grad school to pursue my masters, lets wait and see! 

I cannot stand business, lol! I got out of there fast! I'm majoring in English, hopes to become a teacher or a professor soon (if I go to grad school). 

I thought the same thing, but my friends told me there's still a chance I haven't met the right woman yet. I'm open-minded to it, yes, is what I mean to say. 

Thanks love, {#floating.gif}

Happy Birthday Nikki. Hope you find continued happiness and blessings :)

thank you scott for the birthday wishes! 

I hope things are going well with you! {#floating.gif}

Image result for animated happy birthday beautiful 300 x 300

To a beautiful girl and friend...

attached with a ton of hugs and love.... 


Thank you dani for the sparkly birthday wish! This made me smile today before I head off to work.

Much hugs and love back to you! {#floating.gif}

You're very welcome, sweetpea.  {#heart.gif}

Happy birthday Nikki! as Sabrina said, you look great... and I was right, I knew you would do well because you always seemed to have your head and your heart in the right place... good for you! 

Thank you skip for the birthday wish! 

I'm trying my best, its rough out here since I moved out of my parents house lol! But im managing so far. 

Sending much love your way today {#floating.gif}

All I am going to say here Nikki, is wait until your married. And do not let things happen like with the last bf. So there is my two sense worth. Bro. Doc

haha! I'm listening bro.doc but that's a bit too old fashioned for today's time. 

Besides, most marriages end with a divorce nowadays, I believe the rate is 72%? Nows the time to live! {#floating.gif}

And happy birthday to you bro.doc! sending much love and birthday wishes your way. 

It is not old fashion Nikki.  and the divorce rate is not that high. I will say this, what happens if you get P.G. or worse yet get a social disease? Remember the last one? Enough said. And thank you for the wishes for yesterday and the b-day yesterday. Bro. Doc

If she chooses another woman to marry, she won't have any pregnancy worries with the lead-up, right BrD?

I am sure you know what I think on that subject. So I will just leave it like that. Bro. Doc

It's really nice to read things are going so well in your life and that you're enjoying summer before your senior year. :))

Happy 21st Birthday!   (So mature not to get totally smashed :D. )

Life is perfect right now. I'm just blessed and happy I no longer have to live at my parents' house! lol! 

I'm enjoying the summer, but im still in school full time and working full time. It has been daunting, but I'm driven forward by the people I love. Most students are graduating in 5 to 6 years, and I said NO! to that! I want to leave in four so I won't have to pay on extra loans for staying longer. 

Thank you for the birthday wish! {#airborne.gif}{#floating.gif}

I haven’t been here in forever, don’t know what made me drop by today, but I’m glad I did. It’s nice to know you’re doing so well, and you’ve certainly grown since I was here last. Still you, but “more.” Smarter, wiser, kinder, and even more beautiful. Carry on!

thank you! it's appreciated!

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