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Old School Jungle Bass (Those who know are such a lucky generation of people)

Added: Sunday, September 26th 2021 at 9:55pm by awwwnikki

The generation who truly experienced this in night clubs are so incredibly lucky,

music like this takes my entire breath away, such a lovely journey. How can one describe?

I'm convinced House, trance, and drum and bass are the genres that have direct communication with God and the universe:


Gushing to this

User Comments

Good Morning Nikki, while some might like this music. I never did like this music.

Have a great day my friend. Bro. Doc

It is not for everyone bro.doc, and that is perfectly okay. 

I hope your day has been well. 

Good Morning Nikki I am doing well, as I hope you are.

We have had a little need rain, and might get more today.

Have a great day. Bro. Doc

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