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I just want a comfortable house already....

Added: Monday, January 13th 2020 at 8:28pm by awwwnikki

With a loving person next to me every morning... 


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thank you shaune!

*hugs* I hope all is well. 

It is so lovely to see you back, please stay...{#giveflowers.gif} {#giveflowers.gif}

I just saw a meme. It was a woman talking to her boyfriend and she said let's dress like bride and groom for Halloween. 

lmao marissa, your dry humor is something else. 

I hope you get what you want. 

That is extremely nice for you to say, Amala. Thank you.

I'm sure you will definitely have that Nikki.  :)

So when are you getting married? Bro. Doc

Didn't you ever hear it said =and your generation said it....you can't find happiness outside yourself or you live a life in fear of loosing what isn't really you... and don't put your keys to happiness is someone elses pocket...   go buy the house for yourself and fill it with happiness from within !{#floating.gif}

sometimes, when your not looking for it, you find what you want...How ya been?

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