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How it feels to be slammed by a 6ft CIA agent when you are below 5'3. It's true justice to see the capitol boarded up against the anons

Added: Thursday, September 16th 2021 at 11:59pm by awwwnikki


Tall ugly abusive giant slamming my head down so I couldn't move, ramming a giant penis, hurting me. His eyes were crazy, on drugs, probably the military or CIA gave him. 

My face is permanently crooked from being hit by men in the same spot on different occassions. I feel permanently spaced out or in a daze. 

I asked him if he worked for the CIA or the NSA, he couldn't give me an answer but I knew the truth. Not as dumb or high as people think. Such an ugly hearted demonic man. So abusive, pushy, yelling at me. 

I don't want to remember it anymore and how hateful others can truly be...

This is wonderful to see the capitol boarded up against the ones causing us this much pain. 

Justice is finally coming. America is being overturned to help people like me, and not them.


The alt-right wish they had a clue what evil truly is.... 

I can rest a little to know the government is doing their best to rid hate and not allow such violent people to threaten the capital. 


It will take years to recover from events in my life. The Lord will heal my soul, all in time. I want deep rest and protection over me. 

And I need therapy, badly. 


User Comments

hang in there, Nikki.

Things are turning around. 

Thank you.

Your face is as lovely as it ever was, Nikki, and even more so without the gobs of makeup you used to wear.


Thank you Sabrina. It is appreciated. :)

Although I've been crying for days. 

I'm sorry to hear you got raped but where do you live? You should definitely report it to the police. And give a clear description of your attacker. 

This was in the past, Amala, I brought it up again because its been bothering me. 

I went to church today, I feel better. I'm trying hard to change my life around. 

It's best not to dwell on the past because if you do, you'll find yourself living in the past. Live in the present and put the past behind you and you'll be a much happier person. 

Oh no!  I am so sorry this happened to you.  Hugs wrap around you!! 

I truly have respect for you Ellie, 

thank you, I feel better. I've been depressed and upset for a long time but I'm praying. 


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